What’s so secret Bloomington?

By: Diane Benjamin

Have you seen this at the corner of Veterans and Route 9?

I sent a FOIA to the City of Bloomington. I have lots of information, but start here with what I don’t have. Secrets, secrets. Note the dates – December of last year. Top secret! I have more completely redacted. So much for transparency! More to come later.

12 thoughts on “What’s so secret Bloomington?

  1. I have watched that go up over the past few weeks. I have a few thoughts about it. First, we were recently told that intersection is going to be completely redone. If that’s the case why do this now if it’s location may interfere with the redesign? Second it doesn’t match the downtown signage. I think this is way nicer than the green downtown signs. It’s just not a consistent brand image for the city. It seems disconnected.

  2. I have absolutely no idea except maybe their ability to keep little secrets from the peasants makes them feel somehow special and superior.

  3. As if it’s not bad enough that this is a priority for tax money, the design quality of this and the downtown signage is what I would expect from a moderately talented tenth grader.

  4. The the intersection reconstruction of Rt. 9 & Veterans is years away. There was a sign diagonally across Veterans that was not noticeable. Route 9 is considered to be a gateway from the airport to downtown. I believe the Parks & Rec department did the construction and landscaping.

  5. It’s a landing spot for aliens from Uranus. They’re coming back to pick up the Koos brothers.

  6. The sign looks good. Certainly better than the ones downtown. The logo has been used by the city for decades and is perfectly suitable.
    I don’t mind the cost , it looks like it is solid and will last for a long time (barring road planning ignorance) . Shame it took so MANY staff and so much admin time. The micro-involvement top officials is fascinating, in a laughable sort of way.
    Overall , nice looking sign – well done.
    The city has wasted more and got less countless times on past projects.

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