Mollie Ward votes against guns for the police

By: Diane Benjamin Jamie Mathy pulled buying new guns for the police to ask questions people were asking him. Video tomorrow, but see the details in this story: Besides Mathy, Jeff Crabill asked questions. Molly Ward never said a word until the vote. Of course Jenn Carrillo voted no, Crabill voted yes. Molly Ward […]

What’s Bloomington up to tonight?

By: Diane Benjamin Citizens: The City is “WOKE”. They have enshrined forever slaves in Texas finally finding out they were free. What won’t be mentioned: slavery wasn’t in the entire country, largely it was in the south. owners were largely democrats who went on to form the KKK when they lost the civil war […]

Bloomington bills approved tonight

By: Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll: Wasn’t Sick Leave Buy Back abolished? Buy local? Not when Amazon can deliver office and cleaning supplies with a mouse click. This is what the City spent in one month: Even administration participated: Remember when the Coliseum was sold as it would pay for itself? Hint: It […]

3 more short videos from District 87 School Board meeting

By: Diane Benjamin Wrong video was here previously, this is the right one. (Hazzard of having 32 videos) Equity means decreasing the value of some while increasing the unearned value of others so all are equal. It isn’t education. I have lots of videos of adults who spoke passionately about education. I believe hearing from […]

Update: 2nd video added-kids must wear masks. Retired teacher: CRT teaches truth

By: Diane Benjamin Fortunately this lady is retired, but there are other teachers spewing White Privilege in their classrooms. She tries to sugar coat the issue, but she wants to make sure minorities know they can not succeed because of the past. This happened at a District 87 School Board meeting in Bloomington Il. Teaching […]

Ethically challenged Koos

By: Diane Benjamin From a 2014 Pantagraph story titled: Normal gets award for being bike friendly NORMAL — The town of Normal on Tuesday received a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community award from the League of American Bicyclists, joining more than 325 communities from across the country honored by the group. The award recognizes […]

More District 87

By: Diane Benjamin I will be posting videos of some of the students who spoke. The 1619 Project is mentioned at least 3 times by them. Unless you know what it is you can not understand the destruction studying it has caused. First it was edited and compiled by a New York Times reporter. If […]

Where’s Jenn?

By: Diane Benjamin According to what Jenn filed when she ran for office she lived here: According to the Coldwell Banker website, sale of this house is pending. All of the pictures show the house empty. It does say there are separate apartments on the first and second floor with both leases expiring on June […]

Walking downtown: Weeds

By: Diane Benjamin I had a little time before going to the District 87 Board meeting, so I walked around downtown Bloomington. The pictures start on Center street, then Front Street to the a short walk past the CII East building, down East street to Washington, and back to Center. There is broken mirrored glass […]

Downtown Bloomington Weed fest

By: Diane Benjamin If the weeds in the planter boxes of the CII East building aren’t bad enough: Just down the street is another weed fest: (h/t a reader) This is the corner of Washington and East Street – directly across from Bloomington’s new “Hub” in the Government Center. The CII East weeds are actually […]

District 87 Board TONIGHT

The next regular Board of Education meeting will be at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. The meeting will be held at the Educational Services Center, 300 E. Monroe Street, Bloomington, IL.  Phase IV limitations are that no more than 50 people are allowed in the Community Room. Masks are required; there is no […]

If the camera can’t focus . . .

By: Diane Benjamin Just design for new Way Finding Signs in downtown Bloomington cost $90,285. The cost to construct and install was somewhere around $447,000, total is over half a million. Details in this story: 2 weeks ago I drove through downtown and noticed many of the signs are not readable because the print […]

Zoom could be over

By: Diane Benjamin Chris Koos announced last night the next meeting could be back to in person. Zoom was way more fun except for public comments that couldn’t connect and the “Can you hear me?” chorus. Stan Nord pulled several items from the Omnibus agenda. One was the bills. Koos didn’t want to hear about […]

Underpass: Too late to stop it

By: Diane Benjamin Underpass work session: So far Normal has authorized spending $1.5 million on Phase 1 of the underpass. Chris Koos stated it can not be stopped now because of all the staff time, grants received, and other agencies involved that wouldn’t like Normal backing out now. It almost sounded like Wayne Aldrich (Director […]

Does your employer require you to use your cell phone?

By: Diane Benjamin Nobody reads the lengthy statements before software is downloaded, so you probably don’t know the below. Search: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Here’s one link: Mobile device management (MDM) is a type of security software that enables organizations to secure, monitor, manage, and enforce policies on employees’ mobile devices.  The core purpose […]

Riveting assemblage tonight in Normal?

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind many of Normal’s professional staff don’t live in Normal: They have no reason to keep taxes low, make the roads drivable, or the water drinkable. The Council will be meeting at 5:15 to hear the status of the underpass project. Public opinion is immaterial. The fanciest properties will […]

Will PSCRB/Not In Our Town ignore their own survey?

By: Diane Benjamin The Public Safety and Community Relations Board (PSCRB) in conjunction with Not In Our Town conducted a survey concerning the Bloomington police and what citizens want in the next police chief. The PSCRB held a meeting Thursday, the survey was discussed. Mike Matejka (who voted yes to building the Coliseum when he […]

Smile! A feel good story

By: Diane Benjamin Last year a video was posted to Facebook by the mom of an autistic young man who turned 18. Tyler had been experiencing violent outbursts that required the family to seek the assistance of the Sheriff’s Department many times. His dad reported the deputies were always kind and caring. The family hadn’t […]

Is your school teaching Marxist Social Justice?

By: Diane Benjamin Judicial Watch obtained the below from a Maryland public school. Since public schools are controlled by the left, you need to find out if this is being taught to your kids: If you voted for Trump, you are a racist. If you deny white privilege, you are a racist. If you […]

Take this to the next School Board meeting

Masking kids is child abuse. Fauci knew it 15 months ago and let the nonsense continue anyway. District 87 School Board meeting is June 9th: The Unit 5 School Board meeting is June 16th: Outside of Bloomington-Normal? Check your school’s website. Demand no masks ever!

If you don’t want to be heard laughing, only watch this alone

Looks like all democrats don’t think the same: Council Meeting January 19, 2021 Pritzker Budget talk, June 1, 2021 More below. (It could have been longer) Council discussion starts at 1:22 1:59  – Nord – Motion to pay off debt 2:12 – 6-1 vote against paying off debt early. Pritzker and Nord believe paying off […]

Local RINO’s: Painting with Bold Colors isn’t allowed

By: Diane Benjamin The biggest reason people refuse to call themselves Republican is because the Republic Party is the do-nothing party when they have the reins of power. DC Republicans voted dozens of times to end Obamacare when their votes were meaningless. When they actually were able to end this healthcare disaster and replace it […]

Expecting a State pension?

By: Diane Benjamin Illinois is 49th in pension funding as of 2019. Only New Jersey is worse: It is likely 2020 didn’t change these stats, local pensions aren’t included. Excerpts: Low funding levels are challenging not only because of the large contributions required to make up the debt, but also because they generate less in investment […]

What really happened in Tulsa?

The massacre of blacks 100 years ago isn’t taught in schools for one reason: It was committed by the democrat’s enforcement arm: the KKK. Don’t bother trying to claim the two are not connected, comment delete button ready. A project called 1776 Unites has created a two part presentation for teachers. Democrats want to claim […]

The other Assault on your children – take action

By: Diane Benjamin Critical Race Theory isn’t the only destruction being forced on kids. If Governor Pritzker signs SB 818 your kids will be taught sex education in kindergarten. In Illinois kids aren’t allowed to be kids, Illinois democrats wants them sexualized early. Of course Planned Parenthood supported this bill, they will make money because […]

Weekend in Wisconsin

By: Diane Benjamin Gas – Almost 50 cents a gallon less Roads – Mostly Awesome Scenery – gorgeous Masks – almost none, including servers in restaurants Property taxes – much lower Sales Tax rate – the highest is 5.5% Income Tax – progressive rates 3.54% to 7.65 (Why Illinois wins that game) Wisconsin looks good, […]