Remembering Bruce Meeks

Bruce passed away May 29th in Green bay Wisconsin. There are no local arrangements planned for him.


By: Diane Benjamin

Long time followers of the City of Bloomington will remember Bruce Meeks for his frequent public comments. He endlessly fought for transparency.

This is Bruce in 2017 at public comment:

Bruce was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago. He has been treated in Wisconsin ever since. He has a very short time left to live. I want to publicly thank him for his efforts and for being a thorn in Tari Renner’s side much of the time. Bruce is responsible for Bloomington not having sub-committees (like the County Board) because those would have violated the Open Meetings Act and made it much more difficult for citizens to know what their government was up to.

Bruce was mentioned many times on BlnNews, Tari never gave him an award for this one:

Bruce had to send Tari a cease and desist order for his comments according to…

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2 thoughts on “Remembering Bruce Meeks

  1. Bruce,
    I enjoyed every conversation that we had since I met you. Thank you for being a friend. You worked tirelessly for the community and your efforts were never acknowledged or even looked at by the City Council. Rest comfortably my friend. You will remembered.

    In God,


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