Will PSCRB/Not In Our Town ignore their own survey?

By: Diane Benjamin

The Public Safety and Community Relations Board (PSCRB) in conjunction with Not In Our Town conducted a survey concerning the Bloomington police and what citizens want in the next police chief.

The PSCRB held a meeting Thursday, the survey was discussed. Mike Matejka (who voted yes to building the Coliseum when he was an alderman) also participated.

See the survey results here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/stories/SM-YN97TKP2/

I did post a link to the survey in this story, I have no idea how many readers participated. It wasn’t necessary to live in Bloomington to complete it. https://blnnews.com/2021/03/12/open-season-on-police/

To read the entire question asked in the survey results, hover the cursor over the question.

The results are sort of strange. The vast majority claimed to be female college educated blacks between the ages of 21 and 30. Over 11,000 people completed the survey, if an organized effort to skew the results existed they kept it a secret. I doubt random people would all pick the demographics reported but there is no way to tell.

The survey results overwhelmingly support the police, very tiny DEFUND here or send social workers instead. It appears from the meeting the PSCRB and Not In Our Town intend to ignore the survey results and concentrate on the comments which are largely positive.

One comment stood out to me:

Whoever wrote this survey needs to go through racial profile training. Unlike the great MLK, they only see a person for the color of their skin not the content of their character.

Watching the discussion I felt some on the Board and Mike Matejka weren’t happy with the Back the Blue answers. Marxist policing will be much more difficult when most citizens support the current police methods. Citizens overwhelmingly supported promoting from within.

Just hit play to hear the discussion:

9 thoughts on “Will PSCRB/Not In Our Town ignore their own survey?

  1. Too bad some group blew up the survey. Could have been a number of possibilities.
    1. A pro police group hid their identity as black females 20-30 year old which are thought to be anti police.
    2. An anti police group that knew the survey would show overwhelming support for the police blew up the survey to keep the results in question. Seems unlikely because they would probably have lied about their race, sex and age too, unless they’re not too smart.
    3. A survey campaign was held by a few black females 20-30 (college age) that they limited to their own demographic, thinking they would automatically get an overwhelming anti police result. But it backfired. Seems most likely.

    I would like to see the results after removing about 75% of the fake demographic people.


  2. Other surveys tell us that the majority of people (especially minority communities) do not want to defund, disinvest or restrict policing. People with common sense recognize this. People with another agenda choose not to.

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  3. B/N has a long history of ignoring public input and doing what the elites want regardless. They haven’t used ‘doing the right thing’ as a guiding principle for decades, and especially in the last year – I don’t see why they’d start now…

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    1. Question:
      This and other social “warrior pushes” have come from a small slice of the population.
      Our political leadership bends to their will because__________________?


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