Downtown Bloomington Weed fest

By: Diane Benjamin

If the weeds in the planter boxes of the CII East building aren’t bad enough:

Just down the street is another weed fest: (h/t a reader)

This is the corner of Washington and East Street – directly across from Bloomington’s new “Hub” in the Government Center.

The CII East weeds are actually much taller, I used a pic from last year.

Forget the unreadable signs:

The weeds are proclaiming “Welcome to Bloomington”. How about a new sign?

11 thoughts on “Downtown Bloomington Weed fest

  1. Looks about like how they are taking care of the parks as well. Park in our backyard needed to be baled instead of mowed. Then when they did mow, they did a crap job, leaving several feet of grass/weeds around the trees and tennis courts. Pretty poor considering the amount of money that was recently spent on this park.

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  2. Downtown must be represented by an alderperson who does not care what condition their ward is in. Downtown did not become the urine soaked economic black hole that it is because their city council person cared , that’s for sure.

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      1. That is quite likely, they would sputter and fuss terribly. I have also seen a couple of the city mowing jobs on residential properties and they are pathetic and those people who own the property are billed a LOT for the “service”. I can understand this to a point, even absent owners should have someone mowing their property, but IF the city has to do it, it should be charged the “average going rate” and not like 200 bucks for a 50 dollar yard, especially when the 50 buck job does a NICE job, and the “city” does a crappy job. I’m not exactly sure what Bloomington or Normal charge these days for this ‘service”, which is provided after they have also fined the person for several days if left undone. Just a little add here – if you see a property in your neighborhood that seems neglected, DO NOT start by turning them in to the “city”. Inquire, if you can, if the person simply needs someone to mow their yard for them, or cut a tree/trim a tree etc and offer your services either free or very reasonably – it’s called being a good neighbor. Sometimes it’s an elderly person who can no longer do the work themselves and maybe can’t afford to have it done and has no one they know such as a family member or young friend who can do it for them. This used to be the norm, and thankfully in some places it still is, it should be everywhere.

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  3. The Downtown cabal wants you to take Downtown seriously and shop there but won’t perform simple, routine maintenance. They’d prefer to lecture all of us about shopping local, supporting “catalyst” projects (of which I’ve now lost count), wayfinding signs, and the arts, rather than recognizing what the marketplace wants/needs/desires. The champions of Downtown aren’t open to reason or logic.

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