Fake News continues at the Pantagraph

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

For the latest proof Associate Press is FAKE NEWS, see this headline in today’s newspaper:

The press doesn’t bother to read the voting laws states pass, it fits their agenda better to lie. Georgia didn’t limit the right to vote and handing out water and food was only banned by political campaigns. Of course the “woke” never bother with facts.

75% of citizens support voter ID. https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/lifestyle/general_lifestyle/march_2021/75_support_voter_id_laws

Assuming minorities can’t get a photo ID is RACIST. Of course the President thinks blacks can’t get lawyers or accountants, listen to Biden’s speech in Tulsa. I bet the Associated Press covered up that racist comment! Where you get news maters, Associated Press and therefore the Pantagraph are deceiving you.

Election Integrity is the only thing separating us from countries where the results are fixed. 2020 was a disaster caused by voting laws enacted by authorities who were not allowed to legally change them. The Constitution was ignored by those who took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend it. Voting laws passed now are to fix the voter fraud easily done under those illegal changes. Biden’s home state has more restrictive voting laws than what is being passed. Of course Associated Press is likely ignoring that fact too.

If you still read the Pantagraph, you need to understand every Associated Press article only exists to promote an agenda. Learn how to discern news from propaganda.

This was your first lesson.

One more thing likely not in the press:

Everyday citizens are working on election integrity in Illinois. The state refused to follow the law and provide them access to the voter rolls. Some counties in Illinois have more registered voters than citizens. Not cleaning the voter rolls makes fraud easy. Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit on their behalf. Details here: https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-releases/court-rules-voter-rolls-illinois/?fbclid=IwAR3QtZRePaIC9-_RHvWRgmpFfiuWSyEK-kazOyJuq9O4ZfhD_7_BKztbecA

Illinois does have heros, here’s three of them:

Two of them are friends of mine. They are doing what our elected officials refuse to do.






7 thoughts on “Fake News continues at the Pantagraph

  1. The AP often uses CNN reporting as its source. Or maybe its CNN using the AP to lend CNN some fake legitimacy.
    As far as the Pantagraph is concerned. If you like your news in an echo chamber, that’s the place to go.

  2. It’s REALLY sad that the Pantagraph has sunken to a level BELOW the 1st grade Weekly Reader! It USED to have a circulation of over 53,000 people, and I bet now it’s a “shadow” of that figure..
    News of what is REALLY happening is a rarity, but I find that AFTER midnight on the local propaganda minister
    station-WGLT that the BBC news is really good, and NOT as biased as the news in the US! Seems that here in the states they STILL want to Trump bash, and that ole JOe is the best thing since sliced bread! NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH!!!!
    Seems that anymore the press in the U.S. is about as unbiased as the Moscow Times.
    As for journalism. It’s a dead horse! Unless you read BLNNEWS!
    CONTRIBUTE! Thanks Diane!

    1. Actually, as someone who has spent a LOT of time in the UK over the past 20 years, the BBC is awful, they are full-on “woke” now, and to be honest even Al Jezeera is a better source of news over there and less biased. I will say that BBC has at least partially disembarked from the bash Trump 24-7 train as of late. The last few years, especially the last couple of years, I have relied far more on Newsmax, OAN and RightSide for visual type news along with the citizen journalists who are far better journalists than the MSM now hires. The MSM here is almost beyond hope, the one bright ray of sunshine is as they lose more and more viewers/readers who are becoming better informed by way of alternative sources, they will likely change their tune in order to survive. Some of course will stubbornly go down with the “Woke” ship and I say GOOD.

  3. 75% want voter ID yet the common story is that Republicans want to corrupt the system. This is another example of the MSM hammering a false narrative until their lemmings buy it. Easy sell.

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