Update: Media Bias

See what the Wall Street Journal headline was:    http://www.morningstar.com/news/dow-jones/TDJNDN_201801261459/caterpillar-breaks-losing-streak-wsj.htm   By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph claims to pay big bucks for Associated Press stories.  Below is why they need to knock it off! This headline appeared on January 25th, the story is by Associated Press: Caterpillar posts 4Q loss on tax charge, but adjusted EPS […]

Pantagraph and Associated Press

by:  Diane Benjamin I rarely write about national issues, but when the Pantagraph publishes an Associated Press article on the front page titled:  Budget deficit at lowest level under Obama somebody has to provide facts.  The title is campaign propaganda for the uniformed. Wow, the deficit is down to $483 Billion.  Everybody celebrate – as we rapidly […]

Associated Press thinks you are stupid!

by:  Diane Benjamin Today’s story:  Stats show U.S. not that into driving anymore by Joan Lowy. It’s a long story, complete with history, demographics, life styles, social networking, and only a passing mention of “economic factors”. I’d bet Joan lives in an inner city where she has never driven a car.  Evidently the Pantagraph doesn’t […]

Fly on the Wall: Can the Pantagraph get any worse?

Yesterday:  The Pantagraph asks former State’s Attorney candidate Jane Foster to comment on how the Assistant Chief Bob Wall case was handled.  Ms. Foster fought the current State’s Attorney Jason Chambers in the primary last year.  Were they trying to get negative comments to take Chambers down?  There weren’t any other lawyers in town to […]

This Australian knows more about USA than citizens

Benghazi, IRS, AP: Government is the Problem Written on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 by Nick Adams America is in debt. Most notably, it owes its remarkable exceptionalism and the durability of its experiment to the men who founded it. With a penetrating prescience, these men grasped better than any before them the true nature of man, […]

Media LIES vrs the TRUTH

by Diane Benjamin I’ve said for quite awhile:  If your newspaper gets news from Associated Press – Don’t get your news from the newspaper! Wonder what really happened in Benghazi Libya when our ambassador and 3 others were murdered? Associated Press – via the Pantagraph: http://www.pantagraph.com/news/world/middle-east/video-shows-libyans-trying-to-rescue-us-ambassador/image_cec82c3a-dd95-5178-8fb6-9bad3bc9ee0a.html Basically – the stupid video got people upset – […]