Pantagraph and Associated Press

by:  Diane Benjamin

I rarely write about national issues, but when the Pantagraph publishes an Associated Press article on the front page titled:  Budget deficit at lowest level under Obama somebody has to provide facts.  The title is campaign propaganda for the uniformed.

Wow, the deficit is down to $483 Billion.  Everybody celebrate – as we rapidly approach a total debt of $18,000,000,000,000!

Again celebrate, AP reports the deficit is below the average of the last 40 years.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew claims this is the most rapid reduction in the budget deficit since World War II.

That’s easy to explain.  OBAMA and the Democrats ran deficits of over $1,000,000,000,000 per year for Obama’s first 4 years.  It’s not that difficult to show improvement when Democrats (Dick Durbin!) more than doubled the deficits.   Republicans took over the checkbook in 2010, deficits started to decline then.  OBAMA would still be spending trillions if 2010 hadn’t happened!

Evidently the Associated Press thought another comment by Lew wasn’t a problem:  “What I don’t think we have is an emergency right now.”  Of course you don’t Lew, the people forced to pay back the debt have the problem.  You will be dead and gone!

AP included a clue to Obama’s last 2 years when he loses the Senate in a few weeks.  Obama won’t sign any budget deals unless tax increases are included.

Again, celebrate!

(Just wait for Illinois, McLean County, Bloomington etc to raise them too!  No wonder the labor force participation rate is way down.  Why work?)

Please, don’t get your news from the Pantagraph!






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