How much would you pay for a Joint Council meeting?

by:  Diane Benjamin

If you wanted to start a business in Bloomington or Normal, do you think you could request a joint City Council meeting (Bloomington and Normal)?

Former Alderman Rob Fazzini pulled it off!  Next Tuesday at 6:00pm a meeting will take place in the NORMAL Council chambers to discuss Paradigm BioAviation .

 The Public is urged to attend.

Only the leadership of both cities and Fazzini know why the meeting is taking place.  Gee, I wonder if he is looking for money?

Obviously crony capitalism is involved, friends of government with benefits.  Maybe contributing to Renner’s campaign didn’t hurt either:




One thought on “How much would you pay for a Joint Council meeting?

  1. A joint council meeting is a rare occurence. YES, Fazzinni (rhymes with weenie) will be explaining how his new venture will be bringing in boatloads of tax dollars if the communities will only grant tax incentives, and perhaps even float a bond to help finance his far out venture!


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