Update: Media Bias

See what the Wall Street Journal headline was:    http://www.morningstar.com/news/dow-jones/TDJNDN_201801261459/caterpillar-breaks-losing-streak-wsj.htm


By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph claims to pay big bucks for Associated Press stories.  Below is why they need to knock it off!

This headline appeared on January 25th, the story is by Associated Press:

Caterpillar posts 4Q loss on tax charge, but adjusted EPS up

Since many people never read anything but headlines, it looks like Caterpillar is in bad shape.  How many people even know what EPS means without reading the story?

The Peoria Journal Star did a similar story, but this was their headline:

Caterpillar sales grow 35 percent in fourth quarter of 2017

Their story was written by one of their local reporters.

For people who only glance at headlines, which one accurately portrays Caterpillar?

Why did Associated Press do a headline (or did the Pantagraph write it?) that makes Caterpillar look bad?

(35% isn’t mentioned until the third paragraph)

In case you don’t read the stories, the Caterpillar loss is a result of tax reform.  They are willing to pay the new lower tax rate to bring money back from overseas.  That money will be used in America.

A few points:

  • Get news from multiple sources,  Associated Press proves they shouldn’t be your main source.
  • Read the stories!  Headlines LIE
  • News is used to tell you what to think.  Think for yourself with as many facts as possible.

Hint:  If you don’t read my stories all the way to the bottom, you are missing gems I hide there on purpose just to see who does!

Link to Associated Press Pantgraph story:    http://www.pantagraph.com/business/caterpillar-posts-q-loss-on-tax-charge-but-adjusted-eps/article_7e09e4ad-fac8-51e1-9d68-84b8634b1d10.html

Link to Peoria Journal Star story:    http://www.pjstar.com/news/20180125/caterpillar-sales-grow-35-percent-in-fourth-quarter-of-2017


15 thoughts on “Update: Media Bias

  1. YES! Compared to a YEAR AGO, CATS 4th quarter sales were several BILLION higher then last year also. And their earnings per share were up over a dollar per share or better. Saw that on the news, and YES, the PANTAGRAPH is even way behind that despised blogger who gets the news out a day or MORE ahead of them.
    MAYBE they shouldn’t print “news” Just stick to the comics…
    Even Bill Flick repeats himself-geez!

      1. Living beyond their means!?! Income less than cost of living!?! $2,700 budget deficit!?! Sounds like the City in a small scale. Wonder how this affects tax revenue.

  2. A couple of days ago an AP story in the Pgraph had a headline reporting Johnson and Johnson had their worst quarter ever. Neatly tucked away at the end of the story was the reason, they had taken a one time quarterly tax charge because they were bringing $70+ billion back into the US economy that had been tucked away overseas.

    Amazing what business friendly tax laws can accomplish!

  3. The AP doesn’t write the headlines, Pantagraph copy editors do. So, it’s a Pantagraph issue, not an AP one.

  4. It’s a DEMOCRAT thing. IF it makes TRUMP look good or the economy, we don’t run it. BUT if Pelosi spews out some crap it’s front page. I USED to like WGLT, but they have gotten SO FAR left that it’s not even a fair playing field. They STILL praise Obama and Hillary (GOD knows why) and despise TRUMP.
    GET OVER IT you libtards!

  5. First… don’t get your news from any mainstream Newspaper, TV or Radio outlet – turn it off – When President Clinton deregulated the media it led to basically 6 corporations controlling 90% of the media in the United States. Please don’t believe me – check here for the evidence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_cross-ownership_in_the_United_States
    So all of the mainstream media is directly or indirectly telling you want they want you to hear. Why does it appear that most of the TV cable news is constantly on the Russian influence the election thing and Trump is Hitler? Because the people who own them what that line of propaganda to pounded into your heads every day. Trump is a populist… someone who wants to do the people’s work rather than the work of the corporations, the deep state and the military industrial complex. They want him out by any and all means. AP is a joke and I expect it to be a line in the history books before long. So real journalism is completely gone in our mainstream media. You have to go to the many individual and small citizen news, blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter, websites, etc. Once again, turn off the mainstream news on the TV and Radio and don’t read the mainstream newspapers. If you do you are being lied to, propagandized and controlled by the people who own them and ultimately the people in the swamp that Trump has promised to drain.

  6. For crying out loud…don’t you think there’s more to a story than the headline? Look at your headlines for instance. Maybe the AP and the Pantagraph WANT readers to read beyond the headline. I can’t even…

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