Associated Press thinks you are stupid!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Today’s story:  Stats show U.S. not that into driving anymore by Joan Lowy.

It’s a long story, complete with history, demographics, life styles, social networking, and only a passing mention of “economic factors”.

I’d bet Joan lives in an inner city where she has never driven a car.  Evidently the Pantagraph doesn’t read what they use to fill the pages, because the column nothing more than propaganda.

JOAN:  In 2009 gas was $1.84 a gallon.

Now it changes daily.  It could be $3.45 or $3.89

Nothing reported tells the truth.  The middle class is being crushed by gas prices, but Obama and his ilk want you to think it was your idea not drive so much.

If you want to tell Joan you aren’t falling for it:  [email protected]


3 thoughts on “Associated Press thinks you are stupid!

  1. Also please note the on the Center Street side of the Pantagraph building there is a sign advertising up to 25,000 square feet for lease. Readership for the Pantagraph is farther down the tubes than we thought. Fewer people buying the paper, must be tired of Associated Press and other such articles. I know I am. I find more info on this site.

    1. I guess you missed their announcement. Nothing is going on other than the paper is being printed in Peoria now. (If I remember correctly). Nothing to see everything is wonderful!

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