Smile! A feel good story

By: Diane Benjamin

Last year a video was posted to Facebook by the mom of an autistic young man who turned 18. Tyler had been experiencing violent outbursts that required the family to seek the assistance of the Sheriff’s Department many times. His dad reported the deputies were always kind and caring. The family hadn’t called 911 for awhile because Tyler was started on CBD oil that completely eliminated his violent outbursts. Dad calls it a godsend.

Since the deputies hadn’t seen the family for awhile, last year they called and wanted to bring the entire second shift to see Tyler on his birthday. They brought presents, Tyler was elated for a week according to his dad. This is a screen shot from the video:

Today Tyler turned 19. Officer Metzke remembered. He showed up on his own today to wish Tyler a Happy Birthday:

Tyler’s family wants the deputies to get the positive recognition and support they deserve. I second that! Well done.

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12 thoughts on “Smile! A feel good story

  1. There are certainly situations where police can be helpful in situations like this and drug addictions. I think the emphasis needs to be on the choice of the caller in who they want to come address a situation. While this specific incident the boy responded well to police, many many autistic individuals cannot report the experience, especially black autistic individuals.

    I’d also point out, that while it’s great the deputies were able to build a good relationship with this family, a similar alternative (i.e., crisis-responders) would have likely had the exact same result and could have been done for a fraction of the cost it took to send armed police officers. If you want lower government costs, support alt-responders.


    1. “alt-responders”
      Never suffer good will if it doesn’t come from yourself. Typical leftist.
      AND you are concerned about government cost too. Priceless!


    2. Thank you for calling 911. Please note that our menu of options has changed recently, so listen to the entire message before making your selection. Please press 1 if this is a cost conscious emergency and have your credit card ready for order processing. Please press 2 if you would like to make a donation to your local government slush fund. Please press 5 if you would like to be transferred to Door Dash. Please press 0 if you are a right-wing Trump supporting nut job that would like to be connected to a 911 operator that can dispatch resources immediately to address your emergency.

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    3. Seems pretty racist of you to assume that African Americans with autism cannot share the same experience that this young man did. Just because you hate the police and refuse to acknowledge any positive community interactions doesn’t mean everyone shares that same view. In fact, I know if some African Americans who appreciate the police and often thank them for their service. Quit race baiting and constantly pushing your anti police rhetoric.


    4. This shows how clueless you are. There have been “alt-responders” for quite some time. If a certain criteria is met, crisis counselors will respond to mental health situations. If the criteria for their response isn’t met, police and EMS are dispatched. If you’re so pro “alt-responders” why don’t you volunteer to do something instead of sitting behind a keyboard posting these ridiculous alternatives that puts more lives in danger.

      I’m also confused as why you’re so concerned about lowering government costs. I’m sure you’re probably unemployed and don’t pay a taxes. Stirring the pot and spewing ignorance isn’t a valid source of income.


  2. GREAT story Diane! Just too bad that some folks just have to interject and TRY and find “bad” in a good outcome.. Keep up the great work. Obviously the sheriff deputies DID NOT feel it was a waste of THEIR time!

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  3. I have worked with individuals with autism for well over a decade. There is no way to predict how quickly an outburst can become violent. For many with “autism” there is an underlying medical issue involving the hypothalamus which activates the sympathetic nervous system that begins pumping the hormone epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) into the bloodstream causing physiological changes. The amount of strength a child with autism can have is more than a grown man if s/he is enraged. This is medical, which is why CBD oil works for many of them. Sending these officers during an outburst is the correct choice. Those of us with personal experience understand this need. So happy that this family has found an answer. God Bless them and the officers who have such compassion.

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