Update:  Six Things To Know

East Washington is getting water, sewer, and road.  $4.3 million, its going to be closed for quite awhile. By: Diane Benjamin


A citizens of Normal wants to know how many hours of staff time has been invested in the Underpass project. The Town of Normal claims they don’t keep track. At the last council meeting Chris Koos claimed they have too much invested in the project now to stop it. (But they have no idea how much: brilliant)


Estimates for the underpass were made possibly years ago. With inflation raging the estimates won’t be close to accurate. Is the council dumb enough to vote to proceed anyway? Let the next council deal with the shortages? Kick the can down the road to the next group that can’t stop the project because too much has been invested?


I know several blocks of East Washington have been closed for over a week, possibly much longer. Why? All that is visible is a large dirt pile. This was Wednesday, is it still closed?


I received a threat yesterday. District 87 can teach fake history (1619 Project) but not spelling:

Your parents shouldn’t have swatted you for being taught garbage and then publicly spewing it. They should have been in Barry Reilly’s office threatening to sue.


In July of 2020 I sent FOIA requests to both Unit 5 and District 87 for anything mentioning the 1619 Project. Both schools produced next to nothing. They have a duty under the law to comply with Freedom of Information Requests. Obviously District 87 was teaching the 1619 Project from what the kids said at the school board meeting. An email sent to District 87 with my original FOIA request has not yet been answered. I also contacted the State’s Attorney. Units of government have no fear of not complying because they are devoid of values and integrity and they know nobody is going to hold them accountable. It should be horrifying to parents what their kids are being taught. You must remove your kids from public schools now. The Illinois Attorney General is no better, they lost everything they had pending from citizens who wanted accountability. I re-filed one, the other two are now so old nobody cares. The law says they have 90 days, but laws are obviously immaterial.


I just received the below. Don’t be stupid enough to click on any link you get in an email from somewhere you didn’t request or from somebody you don’t know. This person must think I’m stupid. Illinois may have stupid leadership, but they do know who to spell the State name. No, I didn’t file for unemployment.

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  1. I would love to know the ACTUAL story of the “swatted” CHILD. These people become more vile by the day. Also “We have too much time/money etc invested in this now” is another one of their pat answers they use to get their way. They also do NOT like to be questioned or challenged at ALL – whatever they say must be accepted as enough information for you peasant.

    1. Oh, and I’m sure the East Washington thing will take a good while, they are masters at stretching a one to two week job into 4-6. They emulate the Illinois interstate workers, you know where it takes 6 months to resurface 3-4 miles of highway. If the same people were in charge and the same ones working on it the U.S. Interstate system would STILL not be nearly completed.

  2. My better half received the same kind of letter, did some research an unknown person was trying to file an unemployment claim using her id. They even used the place where she was working. You can file a notice to the state stating that someone has falsely tried to file a claim using your id. Hope this helps.

  3. As Koos probably has hanging in his office
    “mundus vult decipi-ero decipiatur”
    The world wants to be deceived-let it therefore be deceived…

  4. How is that PM even a coherent thought at this point? Who calls a suicide/SWAT threat in on a child because of someone else’s video or blog? What the hell kind of sense does this even try to make?

    Also, I would like to peruse some legal action as well. Could you point me to where I can READ about them? I can’t take a threat seriously from someone who has an elementary school understanding of grammar and spelling.

  5. Friday night East Washington was still closed and a few side streets off of Grove St. Since it is now Saturday they will obviously be closed until Monday, and maybe, possibly work will begin soon or whenever.

    Did you see the free advertising Koos got for his bike shop? He is nearly out of stock and the bikes will cost more because of inflation caused by Trump, wait he is no longer President and two clowns are now taking the county down.

  6. Mayor Koos needs to look up “sunk costs”. Sunk costs should not be considered in determining future actions. You can’t get that money back and it has done nothing to fund the actual project.

  7. East Washington was resurfaced just a few years ago…when the painted bike lanes were placed. It’s a shame the underground work wasn’t done before the sewer work.

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