Illinois #1 on the Fleeing list

By: Diane Benjamin

Forbes has a new list of the top 12 States people are moving from, I will save you the trouble of reading it:

1. Illinois

Total Moves: 8,157
Percentage Moving Out: 63.4%
Population: 12,802,000
Median Household Income: $62,881
Job Growth (2018): 0.9%

Projected population growth is negative.

Illinois is ahead of New Jersey and New York.

Since Amendment 1 was deemed passed expect anyone left that can move to do so.

Can Rivian save the local economy? Not when raw materials costs are skyrocketing and they lose money on every vehicle they sell:





8 thoughts on “Illinois #1 on the Fleeing list

  1. As long as they keep allowing democrats to be in power (one way or another…) Illinois is doomed. If we could get shed of Chicago and that cesspool of Blue surrounding it and have the ‘rats in the Champaign, Peoria and Bloomington area move up there, the rest of Illinois could be a very nice state. Illinois is being killed by the democrats/leftists/marxists. At least they haven’t elected a brain damaged orc or a dead person like PA has done.. yet, anyway but there IS Pritzker who is looking more and more like a cartoon of a human all the time.
    I have VERY little hope left for this state.

    1. Illinois will never have a conservative as governor again. Central Illinois will soon be entirely blue thanks to union leadership and weak controlled political opposition led by personalities like the Dobskis, Brady’s and other recognizable families. The state is corrupt from top to bottom..

  2. Rivian is not going to be in Illinois long-term. If Rivian gets to the profitability stage (and I really hope they do), they will need to ramp up production and cut costs. The old Mitsubishi plant had exactly what they needed to get started. As they grow, they will need to build more factories, and that will be done in lower cost locales to boost profits. Sooner or later, Illinois will just be too expensive and they will cease operations there.

    1. Rivian is only in Normal because Koos and his minions believed Scaringe”s lies. R.J. knew local leadership was stupid and played them like a fiddle. Scaringe has admitted he does not know when or ever if Rivian will be profitable. He’s already out of country planning for more plants where stupid Europeans are already ready and willing to.give up their freedom of choice in transportation. The company has already went through bundles of cash and are with each vehicle they produce.

  3. One’s best bet is to decamp to a reliable red state in order to be on friendly territory to give you a chance at survival. States like Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania have become entirely corrupt and will not be patriot friendly. It has always been the plan of political and municipal planners to goat herd populations into large metro areas where people can be easily controlled to implement planned global governments and economies. The USA will become like ancient Greece, a conglomerate of city states where state and country borders no longer exist with no identifiable language or American culture. Klaus Schwab again today urged a new world order but admitted it may take longer than the power elite had planned urging patience. Nothing you are witnessing today is an accident. They already have willing robots in Millennials and Generation X to do their bidding.

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