Bloomington Pensions and more

By: Diane Benjamin

3 people spoke at Public Comment. The first two complained about noise effecting their homes. Neither was completely coherent, I have no idea what area of the city they were talking about. The third raved about Bloomington 101. The comments start at 3:36 is you want to interpret for me. Another guy called in to speak about mulching leaves instead of having the City collect them.

Next was a presentation of the beautification awards. After Joni Painter did an introduction there were pictures on the screen, the following speaker(s) couldn’t be heard or seen. This starts around 17:00. Again, interpreter needed.

The City of Bloomington has been using the same auditor since 2016. It is long past time to change the CPA firm doing the auditing. Even though audits don’t look for fraud, a cozy relationship with auditors means it won’t be seen either.

Get it? Audits don’t look for fraud!

When some government person proclaims: “We passed the audit”, it only means all the numbers are in the right colums.

This is the slide from the audit presentation taxpayers need to see:

Of course this information has mold growing it now because it is from 4/30/22. Reserves were MUCH higher than they used to be.

Just like the Town of Normal, IMRF pension funding is above 100%. Unlike Normal where both Fire and Police funding percents increased, both of Bloomington’s decreased. They are better funded than Normal but nowhere near stellar.

If both Police and Fire decreased last fiscal year what will they be on 4/30/23?

The meeting was less than an hour in case you want to watch:

8 thoughts on “Bloomington Pensions and more

  1. IS the IRMF pension the one for municipal employees except police and fire? If so, and if I were a police or fire man I’d be plenty pissed off

  2. Who ever runs the WJBC show in the early morning talked to the city manager about Center Street noise. I presume that is what that was about. Semi traffic noise from grain trucks I believe. The ground vibration they claim was tearing their home up.
    Yeah another IDOT maintained street almost in the rubble stage.
    Many many yrs ago I had an apartment in a home between Main and Center. I don’t recall a lot of CMV/semi traffic then.
    I’m thinking that big elephant dome would make a profitable grain storage facility. With the ventilation you could dry a lot of corn in there.
    We just got our phone/internet service restored by the worthless Frontier company. They deserve to go bankrupt….a whole other story.

      1. Who is the “guy”? I need to borrow him. Every month for the last 3 month the area I live in has phone/internet outage. Not for a few hrs either. Usually 1 to 2 days. Everyone I have talked to I tell them to file a complaint with the ICC. Then wait for their lies. I said when Verizon 5G home internet is available out the door Frontier goes. I bet a lot of people disconnect from Frontier. They already filed for bankruptcy once. I look for them to finally go under.
        At least the ICC makes them respond Heaven forbid they would fine Frontier. This time I’m going to ask where do I send your DSL router to when I pull the plug. Someone told me when they bill for a disconnect file a complaint with the IL AG and the FCC.

          1. Thanks… I am going to move to AT & T. Verizon replaced my 3G phone with a 4G and it drops. AT &T has 5G coverage and everyone who has been here with AT & T never has issues.

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