Fly on the wall: Public Schools

If you have kids in a local Junior High, ask them if any group has talked to their class – without parental consent.

Remember how kids are now behind because of remote learning? It appears playing “let’s catch up” isn’t the priority.

Sorry, no hints.

3 thoughts on “Fly on the wall: Public Schools

  1. Our BJHS granddaughter was given a notice the day before Planned Parenthood was going to be at her Health class. She gave her mom the notice just before she got on the bus so her mom made arrangements for me to pick her up. She was “punished” with an assignment for not being there which is probably many of the kids did not give their parents the notice at all. I’m hoping her parents bring this up at a school boards meeting although they did talk to the Ass Principal.

  2. School Board Elections coming up – this can all be remedied IF people that care about students actually bother to run – and IF like minded citizens get off their comfortable tails and actually vote . Otherwise expect more of the same , if not worse..

  3. I guess in this day it’s the responsibility of parents to teach their kids to not trust their teachers. Not because the teachers are bad. Most are very good. But their administration is pushing them to do things they wouldn’t do to their own kids.

    My son was told by a teacher of his grade school son that she contemplates quitting. Not because she doesn’t like teaching but for fear of what she may be made to teach.

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