Items for Normal taxpayers

By: Diane Benjamin

If you haven’t taken the survey for the Normal Police Department, see it here:

You can now take that survey, most of yesterday you couldn’t:

This is the error you would have seen if you tried any of the websites above:

The person responsible is Vasudha Gadhiraju. She was hired in 2019 to be the head of Innovation and Technology.

The problem is her previous jobs have all been in planning. She was the director of the McLean County Regional Planning Commission for 6 years. Before that she worked for the the City of Decatur as the Environmental Planner/Economic Development Coordinator.

Her experience doesn’t qualify her to be in charge of keeping the Town computers and websites operatings. Redundancies have not been built into the system.

Obviously Vasu wasn’t hired for her IT expertise. It shows.

Below is the year-to-date spending on IT last year:

Same data for this year:

That is a 17.69% increase in one year but websites can’t be kept active?

The data is from the Monthly Financial Report available on this page:

While you are on that page click on Approved Annual Budget (with the Pie-Charts shown). It will show how the Town budget has grown since 2015. The only year expenses weren’t budgeted higher than revenue was FY 2019-2020.

The Blue is expenses, the green is Revenue. When they claim they are under budget it’s because the budget is a wish list without the revenue to support it.






3 thoughts on “Items for Normal taxpayers

  1. Why are we getting all of these Decatur leftovers? Vasu, Gleason, Tyrus. Bean town literally stinks. Now B-N stinks too thanks to Koos, Renner/Stockton then we add these three more stinkers to the pot. Fits right into the definition of insanity. The mass exodus of ILLannoy will continue because of crooks like these.

  2. Please do fill out the police survey! if you’ve have personal interaction with them, by all means fill out the survey accordingly. If you have not, I recommend filling it out keeping in mind that nobody has been fired or disciplined for the Gestapo-like shutdown of Maggie Miley’s when they were following all applicable laws. I do feel bad that that may reflect poorly on the many Good officers Normal has, but until that .abuse of power has been properly addressed, I consider this survey an opportunity to hit town leadership where it hurts them the most – their egos.

  3. I would be glad to make a lot of cuts in the Expenditures pie chart. Parties, food, travel, unnecessary employees, etc.

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