Good Riddance to a liar: Shayna Watchinski

By: Diane Benjamin

If you are one of the MANY people who contacted me about 4-H and the funding of the Extension office you need to watch at least Public Comment from the 11/10/22 County Board Board meeting. I think 7 people commented, 6 of them are intimately involved with Extension and all wanted the Board to keep the budget cuts because of the excess reserves Extension is holding. The current leadership is destroying what used to be a great program. U of I evidently doesn’t care.

Later the Board Democrats tried to stop the budget from passing with the cuts, they failed. Democrats LOVE over taxing.

Soon to be former County Board member Shayna Watchinski needs exposed as a liar. Before cleaning up her social media to run for the Board she was a prolific attack liar. I fully expect her to return, of course under a fake name as before.

Board Chair John McIntyre awarded all of the exiting members a plaque thanking them for their service. Each gave a short gracious speech. Watchinski decided to spew mis-information, she wasn’t slightly gracious. Maybe she hates everybody or maybe just males.

You can either listen to her claims, no one I talked to on the Board backs up, or just remember forever she is an immaterial liar.

Her last line should get her sued. Did she ever file a police report? A civil rights violation?


I think she’s just mad she didn’t get the jail and Sheriff’s office defunded. She didn’t get voting locations moved out of churches either. In other words, she accomplished nothing for 4 years but getting meeting times changed.

Just hit play, Public Comment was before these presentation.

2 thoughts on “Good Riddance to a liar: Shayna Watchinski

  1. Good riddance to the author and post maker of Facebook page: “Bloomington Deserves Better Than This Guy.” She hides behind fake names and viciously attacks and lies. It’s all that she is good for just like her “service” to the County…nothing. McLean County deserves better than a man hating baby hating liability who hit her head too many times while playing roller derby with the other failures.


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