New BCPA Events – 1 winner (See update at the bottom)

By: Diane Benjamin

The performance fee wasn’t available when I posted this one:

Loss: $15,753.69

Performance fee:

Loss: $10,852.03

This one proves if good shows are booked people will come and shows can make money:

Performance Fee:

Profit: $4,108.85

Even with one profit, these 3 shows lost $22,496.87, not including all the other ancillary costs of operating the BCPA.


This show did have a nice profit until I found this bill.

The new profit is $91.25

That is before this bill:





3 thoughts on “New BCPA Events – 1 winner (See update at the bottom)

  1. That’s B-N local government for you – snatching financial defeat from the jaws of victory!

    Re-election of bad candidates depends on ignorant voters – You need to start talking politics with people, or at the very least reminding them once their eyes start to glaze over that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is so they should vote for ‘the other guy’.


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