Fly on the Wall: Housing Emergency that isn’t?

If this area needs more housing as some claim:

Why did I overhear a local “planner” tell a developer the time isn’t right for another subdivision? “Planner” thinks it could affect Unit 5’s referendum (round 2) and the April election!

Wonder if “planner” knows lies will effect it more?

EDC? Chamber of Commerce?

9 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Housing Emergency that isn’t?

  1. This is Normal picking the winners and losers again. If the planner did this then he should be fired. King Koos and several Planning Commission members were endorsing the unit 5 tax hike so the planner may have been ordered to block things that would hurt the referendum. Having more houses paying taxes to unit 5 gets more money to the schools…so new developments are bad for the referendum. All of this is wrong, possibly illegal, and just another example of Normal’s organized corruption..

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  2. Well this conflict with the narrative coming from the EDC and the town about an 8,000 home shortage. Crap like this is why people don’t trust government, especially in Koosville.

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    1. Most of the time, these people have no idea what they are talking about. Population increases or decreases are guessed between the 10- year census. Even then, census population figures are seldom accurate. Before 2020, BN was experiencing population decreases. Since then, the metro population has only increased .01 percent according to U.S. Census figures. Hardly an increase that would call for 8,000 new residences with or without Rivian numbers, many of who likely lived in town or the immediate area and making between $18 and $25 an hour for a non- management position. Only six years ago a Farnsworth engineer admitted to me new housing demand for BN was slipping. At that time, developers were only planning to build apartments or houses in the 1500 sf range. He sited that it was too costly to build the east side McMansions and that most who.lived in them were defaulting on their mortgages. It is highly unlikely hourly workers at Rivian flip that dynamic on its head. You’re right, when it’s coming out of the mouths of government and their co- conspirators, it’s a fair bet it’s a lie.

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  3. At the information session at the ARC, the Gray haired guy from Farnsworth wouldn’t directly answer the question regarding how the schools would be impacted by the development at Shelbourne Drive. He was obviously for the referendum passing. These people are all in bed together–and that is one crowded bed.

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  4. Town Staff were using tax dollars to intentionally stifle construction so Unit 5 could unnecessarily hike taxes. This is BS!

    I bet WGLT and the Pantagraph will turn a blind eye to this.

    It would be nice to see the EDC and Chamber hold the Town accountable for trying to screw businesses and taxpayers over but I expect they will prove they don’t give a shit either.

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  5. While new housing is needed, the problem right now is builders are so busy you can’t find one and that’s is driving costs up. As a result, while new subdivisions may be needed, cost may be making it not profitable at this time.


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