The road State Farm wants

by:  Diane Benjamin

Okay, a few others want the east-side bypass too, but State Farm is really pushing for it.sponge Bob

No matter what the people say – plans are proceeding!

Coliseum anyone?  The people didn’t want it either, but it didn’t matter.

Nothing is un-ethical or illegal to government.  They have an agenda and the opinions of the  people don’t matter.

Maybe it has something to do with less than 20% of voters showing up for local elections!

Citizens are now being given a choice of where they want the east-side bypass. You no longer can decide IF you want it.

Public meeting this Wednesday – Normal Community High School 6:10 and 7:10.  They want your vote on the two options.   Citizens will probably not be allowed to talk – that means bring signs!  Let’s see how they feel about the 1st Amendment!

Do you have any rights?  It is only estimated to cost $200,000,000 to $300,000,000, but don’t worry the feds are paying for most.  They will just print the cash!  Of course the estimate will be way low, we are dealing with government!

The citizens of McLean County deserve what they get if they don’t attend this meeting and make their voices heard.  Then contact your McLean County Board member and tell them to end this project now.  We have a bypass already.  If State Farm wants it – they can pay for it.  Look at where the south stretch ends.  Really close to the State Farm complex.  Ask the County Board, Farm Bureau, and GOP leadership who is pushing this – other than IDOT.  Ask your friends if they want it.   Evidently somebody also wants better access to the airport, not sure how that one works.  It seems like people are finding it just fine now.

Are you going to allow the destruction of prime farm land, businesses, and homes for an unneeded road?

County Board


2 thoughts on “The road State Farm wants

  1. Do the math, at $200-$300 million divided by 11 miles equals,,,drum roll please,,,$18-$27 million per mile for land acquisition and concrete? Can you say theft in the middle of broad daylight?

    1. we dont want a hotel downtown either…just another fiasco waiting to happen and the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill!

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