Communist Normal Illinois UPDATE!

Update:  Koos claims he doesn’t want to be in the grocery business.  The private sector should do it.  The taxpayers spent over $20,000 to do a study though!  The private sector couldn’t see a need and do their own study Mayor?

by:  Diane Benjaminchriskoos

Whatever Chris Koos wants, Chris Koos gets.  You deserve it Normal, staying home on election day will cost another business their existence because you voted to reelect Koos.

Did you even know that eminent domain was used in Uptown to steal the property of long time owners?

The Koos vision had to be completed!

Now Ace Hardware is being threatened!  Funny, they didn’t even contact the owners before publicly saying it’s a great location for a grocery store.  The study showing no growth, just loss of business to existing grocery stores doesn’t matter either.

Why is Koos doing this?  He is a rapid environmentalist who doesn’t want people driving cars!

Why can’t riders by dropped off at the train station?  There is no parking by the doors.

Why are there very few parking spaces in Uptown Normal – other than parking garages?

Walk baby, Koos doesn’t want you polluting his precious Agenda 21 buildings.

Does anybody even remember why we fought the Revolutionary War?  Since history is no longer taught, people no longer understand the role of government.  The constitution charges government to protect the rights of individuals.  Using eminent domain so people can walk to a grocery store doesn’t qualify Chris!

Has anybody in Normal finally had enough?  Contact the hand-picked Koos Council:

Contacting the Town Council

The Mayor and Council serve at large and do not represent specific neighborhoods or geographic areas of the community. Residents can contact any member of the Council with a concern, question or suggestion.

 Mayor Chris Koos [email protected] 309-454-9777
 Council Member Sonja Reece [email protected] 309-452-6782
 Council Member Cheryl Gaines [email protected] 309-452-6696
 Council Member Jeff Fritzen [email protected] 309-454-2186
 Council Member Chuck Scott [email protected] 309-452-3136
 Council Member Kevin McCarthy [email protected] 309-451-9927
 Council Member Scott Preston [email protected] 309-434-0086
 City Manager Mark Peterson [email protected] 309-454-9501
 Deputy City Manager Pam Reece [email protected] 309-454-9502

You may also email the Mayor and Council as a group.

If you wish to appear at a public meeting to support or oppose an issue being considered by the Town Council please contact the Administration Department at 309-454-9777 or via email. Please review theappropriate steps for addressing the Town Council.

5 thoughts on “Communist Normal Illinois UPDATE!

  1. I knew Normal was gone when the “turn a blind eye” “cover up unethical behavior man” Chuck Scott got on the council!

  2. The headline to this article says it all as the ignorance of Communism IS the regime of the King’s Council. With newly elected Renner cross town the twin cities coup is near complete.

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