Uptown Bloomington

by:  Diane Benjamin

Watch this video, then see how Bloomington is complying through their Downtown strategy plans.

From the Downtown Bloomington Association website:

http://www.downtownbloomington.org/index.php?id=163  (spelling errors left on purpose!)

However, in order to capitalize on this advantage, the City of Bloomington and its residents must recognize the importance of Downtown as a critical asset as well as the fundamental shift taking place across the country, particularly among young adults and the elderly, towards living in more urban settings. This shift will increase the demand for the lifestyle provided by Downtown Bloomington, and the benefits of this demand can be captured most effectively through implementing the policies contained in this document.

Participants were also asked whet they felt the greatest threats and weaknesses were for Downtown. One of the greatest threats voiced was the infringement of Veteran’s Parkway and other suburban sprawl into the retail market that could be locating within Downtown. The auto -oriented style of retail development prevalent along Vereran’s Parkway is not conducive to a Downtown setting, particularly Downtown Bloomington, which has such an intact historyic retail core. It was decided through the public process and market study that Downtown should seek to emphasize its urban character to provide a different experience to visitors that that offered by typical suburban commercial development.

Understand now why Uptown Normal had to be built and why the Bloomington City Council can’t wait to pass a comprehensive plan?  If you don’t contact your alderman – you too can have a great Uptown – at your expensive of course.

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