Why did Tari explode Legal Expense?

By:  Diane Benjamin

2013 is the budget Tari inherited when he took office.

2017 is all his.

I hope the local media quits letting Renner state he isn’t doing anything new and the budget is just increasing 2% per year.  Both are lies.  Look at Legal expenses:

2017 Total Legal  $1,325,308  FY 2017 Budget Detail  Page 105

2013 Total Legal   $817,581  FY 2013-11710d Legal

Increase of $507,727

That’s more than a 38% increase!

Legal Salaries without benefits:

2013:  $392,989

2017:  $308,575

Todd Greenburg was the head of Bloomington’s inside legal department in 2013.  Tari dumped him.  He wasn’t replaced.

Contract and Outside Legal expense:

Budgeted contract legal in 2013:  $200,000

Budgeted contract legal in 2017:  $700,000 with another $100,000 for other law firms

The $700,000 is sent to Springfield.

“Buy Local” is for the peons, not government.




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4 thoughts on “Why did Tari explode Legal Expense?

    1. Transparency is one thing. All that means is Tari’s waving our tax $ in our faces and laughing because he’s sooooo superior and will spend that money in irresponsible ways.

      “Weeeeee look at me’ I’m Transperant Tari and this right here? This is the money you work so hard to earn but I think is rightfully the community’s. So enjoy as I transparently flush it down the toilet. Enjoy your flamingos, you not-as-enlightened-as-me naysayers!”

      So sure. Transparent. But that doesn’t excuse reckless, leftist spending.


  1. How do you know when Tari is lying, when his lips move. And I’d bet that there’s stuff that get s “covered up” that’s not even on here, that USED to be done “in house” by Todd.


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