Better take your lunch Thursday!

Somebody in Chicago is organizing a protest here!  Wow, I guess we’ve hit the big time.  They obviously don’t understand how wages are set, so here is the link again:

People with limited skills shouldn’t expect to earn a lot of money.  Your dollar worth is measured by your skills.  Fast food workers are entry-level jobs so people can learn how to work and gain skills.  Maybe downstate people are smarter and only a few will show up.  Meanwhile, just take your lunch to work and avoid the intimidation.


One thought on “Better take your lunch Thursday!

  1. Monetary policy, inflation, out of control Wall Street speculators, outsourcing, etc., play a much bigger role in people not being able to afford a better life style. This issue needs to be attacked at the base which is federal government policy. Attacking the employer is like throwing water on a gas fire when turning off the gas would be the wisest choice.

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