Government Hypocrisy – Compliant Media

The Constitution is immaterial.  President Obama has to save face by bombing Syria – they crossed the line he set.  Of course, we don’t know who crossed the line.  Some media outlets report it could have been the rebels who used weapons of mass destruction.  Regardless, there are no sides left to support.  Al Qaeda is working with the rebels and Assad killed over 100,000 people to keep power.   Under what part of the Constitution is Obama going to act?  Maybe he will just use his unearned Nobel Peace Prize to justify being a killer.  Obviously when a Republican was President, the rules were different.  The media will ignore the facts, as usual.  The US citizens are being played and NOBODY is standing up for us.



For once MSMBC has it right! How is Obama going to explain this:

One thought on “Government Hypocrisy – Compliant Media

  1. This President and his regime are the biggest hypocrites ever!!! They want to do what they said Bush should not do because it was un-Constitutional, of course it is because “they” are the ones in power now.

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