It’s just 1/4%

by:  Lane Hansen
But let’s look at the ‘big picture’ in terms of Bloomington’s overall finances:
Other Tax Increases Currently Being Considered
Connect Transit: considering a ¼% sales tax
Bloomington Public Library: considering a ¼% sales tax
-$30M Miller Park expansion: considering a ¼% sales tax
District 87: considering a tax increase (possibly a sales tax)
Unit 5: considering a tax increase (possibly a sales tax)
Current and Near Future Capital Needs
City Pensions$130M behind in funding pension obligations.
Road Resurfacing: Should be spending $12M per year
   (currently only spending $3M/yr.)
Sewer System Repairs/Upgrades: $139M needed
-Water Distribution and supply: $100M
-Sidewalks: $2-3M a yr
-New Roads: $17M 
-Fire Facilities: $10M
-39 City Facilities (upgrades)$22M
Police and Fire Departments are below proper staffing levels
Even if you believe that our tax dollars should pay for the proposed soccer fields and
community center, do you really believe that it would be financially responsible to do so?

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