How did this happen?

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember in 2014 when a new soccer complex was proposed? That plan involved relocating the YMCA to south Main where the Great Escape used to be.  The new building would be a community center.  All the planners needed was a tax increase to fund it.  State Farm Bank was owed money on […]

Soccer waited too long

By:  Diane Benjamin According to Moody’s, Bloomington-Normal is now in a recession.   See yesterday’s story Here A recession is at least 6 months of stagnant wages, fall in retail sales, contraction of GDP, and high unemployment.  Here it could also mean people have left because opportunities are limited. I wonder if this is why Bloomington […]

All they do is PLAN

UPDATE:  See what the 2010 Plan cost HERE By:  Diane Benjamin Under Tari Renner, taxpayers have been forced to pay for plan after plan after plan.  Departments have been dragging their multi-million dollar plans in front of the Council for months while Tari claims it’s all a wish list. The wish of the next Mayor […]

How much does FREE cost?

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s no secret that Bloomington’s Mayor and many past ones think government creates Quality of Life.  Therefore, they get to decide what that means – you pay for it. YOU don’t have the freedom to create your own quality of life with your money.  Government knows better than you.  I seem to […]

Burying Bailouts in “Quality of Life” PART 2

by:  Diane Benjamin Part 1: Community Center How did CAAY pick the property currently rented by the Great Escape to relocate the YMCA?  Once again, it helps to know who owns it now. The McLean County Recorder’s Office shows: Great Escape Property 1716 RT Dunn Dr Ste 4: Parcel 21-09-452-002 Main & Veterans LLC […]

It’s just 1/4%

by:  Lane Hansen But let’s look at the ‘big picture’ in terms of Bloomington’s overall finances:   Other Tax Increases Currently Being Considered –Connect Transit: considering a ¼% sales tax –Bloomington Public Library: considering a ¼% sales tax -$30M Miller Park expansion: considering a ¼% sales tax –District 87: considering a tax increase (possibly a sales tax) –Unit 5: considering a tax increase (possibly a sales tax)   […]

They are after your money – for the kids

by:  Diane Benjamin Make a list of the 30 community members who will voice support next week for getting your money.  The kids need a huge soccer complex and the city kids need a community center.  It’s always for the kids.  Pull some heart-strings and open your wallet.   How many kids play soccer?  My […]

Bloomington: Don’t show up for local elections

by:  Diane Benjamin Obviously when around 20% of voters actually vote in local elections, what City government does to you isn’t a priority.  This is what happens in Bloomington when you don’t care who represents you: An estimated $139,000,000 needs to be spent on sewers in the next 20 years It will cost an estimated […]