BCPA : 1/4% Sales Tax you pay

by:  Diane Benjamin

You probably don’t realize that you fund the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts whether you ever go there or not.  A 1/4% Sales Tax was levied in 2002 to pay for it.  The tax does not have an expiration date.

Below is a recap of the money generated by this tax:

Are you getting your money’s worth?  This information was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.


$17,000,000 that could have been spent on roads is funding a building most people in Bloomington never go to.  More “Quality of Life” inflicted on taxpayers.  Where does the money go?  Stay tuned.

Now a group wants another 1/4% Sales Tax for Soccer Fields and a Community Center.  How madbabymuch “Quality of Life” can citizens afford?  When does “Quality of Life” degrade to oppressive taxation?

Why does private enterprises. like the YMCA and Prairie City Soccer League, think they are entitled to public money?

When should the people using a product be the ones paying for it?

Do you expect other citizens to pay for what you can’t afford yourself?  Maybe that’s why the country is buried in debt!





3 thoughts on “BCPA : 1/4% Sales Tax you pay

  1. The Castle seems to do just fine without subsidies. It brings in popular acts and must make money. If the BCPA didn’t exist the Castle would probably bring in even more acts without tax payer involvement. Also if the BCPA didn’t exist there may be another entertainment venue that would exist to fill the void. But because of government intrusion we will never know. In addition since the Castle does exist doesn’t that nullify the argument for the need to fund the BCPA?http://www.thecastletheatre.com/

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