BLM: Bullying the Council?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The west-side police substation is back on the agenda of the Bloomington City Council Monday, but now it’s called a community center:

polBlack Lives Matter still isn’t happy.  Even though the City changed the name, BLM is still calling the house a substation on Facebook:

BLM is organizing people to attend both meetings Monday night.  From their Facebook page:

blmBlack Lives Matter has already made local demands:

The only question remaining is:  Who is running the City?  The Council or Black Lives Matter?

Get the popcorn ready and tune in Monday night.  There will be two meetings – both with Public Comment.  (6:15 and 7:00)

This could get interesting!

If BLM wins, what will they demand next?  NO police in their neighborhoods?






14 thoughts on “BLM: Bullying the Council?

  1. It is their right to voice their concerns at the public meeting. It seems the Councilmembers decided not to meet in private as was originally demanded. The Council’s comments and votes will be most enlightening. Is the police department really supported by the council? Is public safety a #1 priority? Will there be a large police presence in the council chambers on Monday? Oh, the suspense!


  2. Do the BLM people live in that neighborhood? Is so, why would they not want added safety? If not, they shouldn’t have a say in jeopardizing the residents’ safety.


  3. Is there anyone reading these comments that can help me understand why BLM is against this substation? I don’t get why the opposition, but I’m not a minority either and thus have a very different perspective. I would love to hear from someone who can help me understand.


    1. Fewer police in the area means fewer arrests – police are the threat to BLM – forget the fact that without them all hell would break loose in certain areas of the town. It’s like they want the police there only under their conditions. Yes is is all pretty stupid.


    2. BLM is very open to dialogue. If you truly have questions I would direct you to ask them. You are not likely to get accurate information from this site.


      1. Are you active in Chicago to protect Black lives from other Blacks? It that a question you can answer in an open forum like this? We are all waiting for an answer? Come give us some accurate information about your efforts to save black lives from black killers?


  4. Of course the Council will cave to the demands of these racist thugs and Chief Hefner will be left there standing alone,hat in hand.


  5. Oh, I get it…… I live in a high crime area and don’t want a greater police presence because it will put my family and loved ones at greater risk? That is a different twist on policing, maybe we should try it and see how well it works.


  6. “The only question remaining is: Who is running the City? The Council or Black Lives Matter?” > > > How ironic in that, this blog has been complaining about how the council has run this city for years. Not that I am a fan of BLM, but how ironic. What a choice, huh?


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