They are after your money – for the kids

by:  Diane Benjamin

Make a list of the 30 community members who will voice support next week for getting your money.  The kids need a huge soccer complex and the city kids need a community center.  It’s always for the kids.  Pull some heart-strings and open your wallet.  paywhat

How many kids play soccer?  My kids played – six weeks in the spring and 6 weeks in the fall.  They played at various schools, it worked just fine.  This group wants an indoor facility too, so maybe some will play all year.  Why do they believe ALL residents should pay for their kids to play soccer?   They want a 1/4% Sales Tax increase to fund it.  Isn’t it enough you are taxed for schools, libraries, parks, and more?

When do we just give up and give government all our money?

That’s obviously what they want.  Their plans are always smarter and better than letting people make their own decisions on spending money.

Why is Jeff Tinervin and Dave Mager pushing the program?  Who own the land they want to purchase for the soccer complex?  Who own the property where they want to put the community Center?  What plans do they have for the YWCA property once the Community Center is built?  Haven’t we been down this road with the Coliseum property?  Anybody?  Anybody?

Who is asking questions or are we suppose to fold because “It’s for the kids”!  It doesn’t matter that incomes are down, unemployment and underemployment are still high, gas prices can’t stay below $3.50 a gallon, and the grocery store is a scary place to visit.  The local green crowd thinks people should walk or bike everywhere, but the soccer fields will be miles away from most residents – clear on the west side.  The community Center isn’t within walking distance of most area kids.  Next, both will have to connect to Constitution trail.

When do we just give up and give government all our money?  Contact your alderman and ask!  Some will probably say now would be nice.






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