It’s Back! Tax Tax Tax Tax Tax . . .

by:  Diane Benjamin


Wouldn’t it be easier to hold a hearing for anybody NOT expecting YOU to pay more taxes?

I’ve got a LOT of information on this proposal – there are things people don’t want you to know!

Stay tuned.






9 thoughts on “It’s Back! Tax Tax Tax Tax Tax . . .

  1. Anyone have any idea just how much money this would generate? Bloomington only, correct? Does the tax go away next year?

      1. Thanks for the response, ever notice how they love to have these taxes for several years? Could it be that they hope everyone will forget about it, and it will perpetuate forever?

  2. Oh we get to see the new Executive Director of the MCPC do a 30 minute presentation.
    Born and raised in India, schooled receive her undergraduate degree in said country. Last 8 years as a planner in economically challenged Decatur, IL., I doubt this woman will have anything to say that will impress me in the least.

  3. 30 minutes for these clowns to try to justify the rape the citizens of the City of Bloomington? Throw the bums out!!!!! Notice that only 6 minutes are alloted for PUBLIC comment? Taxed Enough Already!!!!!

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