Coliseum Park Deck: What else you don’t know!

by:  Diane Benjamin

The City CHARGES for parking in the now closed (or mostly closed) parking deck.  It has been closed since October 2013, so the City is no longer making money for parking there.  I have a Freedom of Information Act Request at the City for the status of the parking garage and how much they are paying to rent alternative lots.  Eventually the City will get around to answering.

How much money is the City losing without the parking garage revenue?  We are now around 6 months of NO revenue.  Below is an estimate of how much money the City has lost so far:


All numbers are from the Coliseum Annual Report filed by CIAM.  (the management company)

Where is David Hales?  Maybe now we know why he wants a Communications Director.

Where are the Alderman holding him accountable?

See this post from yesterday if you missed it:








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