Bloomington: The transparency Joke

Update:  3 Alderman who weren’t on the Council when Tom Hamilton was City Manager voted not to release ANY information about his time running the City:  Jennifer McDade, Rob Fazzini, & Mboka Mwilambwe.  Who are they covering for?  Judy Stearns proposed an amendment to add the info for release. Only Scott Black, Kevin Lower, and Judy voted YES.  So much for transparency!  Fazzini even made a comment that he wouldn’t say things if he thought they would be released.  Nice Rob, so you have a private face and another one for the public?

by Diane Benjamin

Tonight the City Council will vote to release the minimum amount of information possible from the executive minutes.  The Attorney General’s office had cited them for non-compliance, so months later they came up with a short list of what to release.  Some members of the Council feel citizens have a right to know what goes on behind closed doors, but the majority would rather hide.  Below is what will be released, meanwhile a list over 2 pages long won’t be released.  We will never know which alderman drooled over Tom Hamilton and gave him wonderful evaluations. He is largely responsible for the Coliseum, BCPA, and $2.5 million in accrued sick leave the Council wasn’t told about when early retirement passed.  Surprise!

Watch who votes NO tonight on releasing more documents.  Those alderman are the ones playing CYA and making sure citizens are in the dark.

The unreleased list can be seen here, it is at the bottom of tonight’s packet information:  Don’t fall for all the references to personnel-sometimes it means if anybody finds out what I said I can kiss the Council goodbye.


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  1. But, but, but,,,,T,,,T,,, Tari Renner’s campaign was all about transparency! Will Mr. Renner solidify his promise tonight by leading the council along the path of truthfulness?
    We’ll soon see.

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