Taxpayer money going to Arizona! Carol Struck

by:  Diane Benjamin

Carol Struck was named the BCPA’s Interim Performing Arts Manager.  The problem is Carol Struck moved to Arizona!  So how much is Bloomington paying her?

$150 per day for every day she is in Bloomington

including weekends


$2000 per month

David Hales, are you seriously saying there is NOBODY that lives in Bloomington or Normal that can manage the BCPA?  What happened to the BUY LOCAL campaign?

So, taxpayer money is spent on an out-of-state resident who will spend a little here and take the rest back to Arizona.

Maybe David should review the BCPA operations:

This place is a cash crater at taxpayers expense.  Hales just added more fuel to the pit!  How high can the flames rise?

Taxpayers should be outraged and immediately ask both to resign!  There is nothing more pressing for the City to spend money on?  Why does the BCPA need an interim manger when they have so few events?

See what Council members support this – email them:  [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Taxpayer money going to Arizona! Carol Struck

  1. Judy, I emailed the Bloomington City Council, and demanded they fire Carol Struck along with David Hale for allowing Carol Struck who is now residing in Arizona collecting $2,000.00 a month ,$150.00 a day, this is out right fleecing of taxpayers money !!The BCPA is a dead horse, throwing good money after bad, that will not now or future , show a profit� on its own !!I was shocked when I read the BLNNews of� the posting. I am spell bound, shaking my head in disgust, with this mess !! Bill

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