Fly on the Wall: BCPA unionizing?

Rumors abound that stage hands, technical staff, whatever they are called are unionizing at the BCPA. Is this why Carol Struck was hired? or is this a case of the rich getting richer? Is somebody keeping secrets? Local government non-transparency is showing. BTW, I hear the Pantagraph has apologized to Judy Stearns for the article […]

Pantagraph covers for Hales choice: Carol Struck

by:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council was NOT consulted about the choice of Carol Struck to be interim head of the BCPA.  They weren’t even consulted on whether the BCPA needed an interim manager. Just like the money given to the West side churches for the summer youth program, the BCPA has never been […]

Taxpayer money going to Arizona! Carol Struck

by:  Diane Benjamin Carol Struck was named the BCPA’s Interim Performing Arts Manager.  The problem is Carol Struck moved to Arizona!  So how much is Bloomington paying her? $150 per day for every day she is in Bloomington including weekends Plus $2000 per month David Hales, are you seriously saying there is NOBODY that lives […]