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LInk to the Fox News story:

A team of dedicated grass roots citizens have been working on exposing the questionable acts by our state HFS office and their circumvention of procurement laws by using an intergovernmental agreement with the state of Michigan to do business with a questionable company at best.

Our work began approximately 8 months ago and has lead to what is now National Coverage.  Thanks to Diane Benjamin with BLNNews,  John Kraft and Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs, and Adam Andrzejewski with For the Good of Illinois who coordinated the teams efforts to expose this story at the national level.

From Cuban Cigars to private boat parties its clear our public officials have no concept of proper accounting of our tax dollars.  The self serving attitudes run ramped in this state and our work is now proving it.  I ran multiple articles exposing pieces of this over the last several month that included documents to back up each and ever piece of our coverage.

And now, with Fox News running the segment today that directly tied to all of our hard work we promise this is just the first step of a multi-part exposure of 8 months of dedicated work to expose the root of financial problems not only in this state but at the national level as well.

Thanks Fox News for confirming our work is worthy of national publication!

As soon as the FOX LINK is available we will Post it here!

(Story ran at 10:15am Local on Happening Now)

Even more exciting is to see that our work has now found its place in the center of the Democratic Governors race as a major issue.  Don’t think for a second that you cant make a difference! 

Accountability knows no bounds when good people stand up! 

Stay tuned for so much exposure that we promise it’s going to rock this state and this nation!

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