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Dear Judicial Watch Supporter,

Judicial Watch is considering litigation challenging President Obama’s rewriting of Obamacare.  Specifically, President Obama has unilaterally rewritten the law to delay the “employer mandate,” which was scheduled to go in effect on January 1, 2014, for at least a year.  At the same time, he did not rewrite the law to delay the “individual mandate,” which requires nearly all Americans to have Obama-approved health insurance by that same date or pay a tax penalty.

Many Americans are caught in the middle.  They are obligated to have Obama-approved health insurance, but their employers are not obligated to provide it, at least for another year.  As a result, these Americans will be forced to purchase Obama-approved health insurance on an Obamacare-created health insurance exchange or pay the tax penalty.  Either way, they’re out-of-pocket.

If you are going to have to purchase Obama-approved health insurance through an Obamacare-created health insurance exchange or pay a tax penalty because your employer, which would have been covered by the employer mandate, is dropping or does not provide health insurance, you may have a claim to challenge President Obama’s unilateral rewriting of the law.

We obviously object to the employer mandate, the individual mandate, and the entire Obamacare law, but we understand that, under the U.S. Constitution, the law can only be changed by legislation passed by Congress and signed by the president.  President Obama evidently wants to delay at least some of the ill effects of his health care scheme until after the 2014 congressional elections.  But politics do not trump the Constitution or the rule of law.

If you think your circumstances fit the bill and would be interested in being a plaintiff in a challenge to Obama’s unconstitutional power grab, then please contact us by replying to this email address: [email protected].  Feel free to share this email with others you think might also have a claim as I’ve described here.

Yours truly,

Tom Fitton

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