Fly on the Wall: Cheers and Jeers to the Pantagraph

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Finally today the Pantagraph hammered the Bloomington Alderman who think they have a right to conduct business privately.  The editorial properly called City employees public servants, paid with taxpayer money, and therefore not entitled to closed session backroom deals, contrary to how 6 members voted last Monday.

Jeers though for not mentioning it was Judy Stearns, Kevin Lower, and Scott Black who stood up for the citizens.  Is it too much to ask that occasionally the Pantagraph support public servants by name who do the right thing?



One thought on “Fly on the Wall: Cheers and Jeers to the Pantagraph

  1. I thought when Steve Stockton first took office as Mayor , the rubber stamp five ,would no longer exist,well Stockton came and went,… we still have rubber stamp five,who have
    a hard time making good discisions.I am William J. Dodson,Todd Greenberg accused me of slandering,Tom Hamilton, I agree with the Pantagraph, nothing as far as what anyone says at Bloomington City Council meetings should be withheld,Its the voter of Bloomington who put the alderman on the Council, and should be working for us !!I hope the Bloomington City Council gets their priorities straight and vote to have badly need streets repaired.The City spending on new city parks,talk of spending 9Million plus at Miller Park, needs to be shelfed,and take care of deterorating City Parking garages and
    other neglected issues. As far as spending$ 20,000 plus a week power washing the street in the downtown party zone……!!let the liquior commision handle the exspense, they ok’ed,the Bars openings,not us voters !!

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