Proof Normal’s staff runs the Town

By: Diane Benjamin The email below proves the Town staff knows the Council will pass whatever is brought to them. All but one Trustee doesn’t make independent votes on what is best for the citizens, they vote for “progress” as defined by staff. Just last Monday Doug Farr presented the Uptown South project as he […]

Only in Normal – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin Part 1: The biggest problem in Normal is: Who is running the Town. The Council has been told them can’t discuss payments because all of them are in the budget. Slush funds, like the City Manager’s, aren’t listed individually in the budget but still can’t be discussed when they appear on […]

Did Chris Koos Lie? Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin See Part 1: The second issue in Koos’ letter pertained to fire stations. Stan Nord had been looking at why Bloomington and Normal couldn’t have a joint east side fire station since both want one: Pam Reece’s reply: See the document here:  Fire Department Study The real question should have been:  Why […]

Cities/Connect Transit have their own agenda

By:  Diane Benjamin It should be more than obvious that Connect Transit is not meeting the needs of people who MUST have public transportation. Proof: Buses that are too big to run in places formerly served – mobile home parks, neighborhoods with narrow streets cutting routes and increasing fares political appointments to the Connect Transit […]