The cost of “Full Service” in Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin The numbers below are from the Illinois Comptroller’s website: Normal’s budget has increased 33% in 6 years.  5.5% per year is much higher than the inflation rate.  Last year Normal spent almost $36 million more than it did in 2012. Where is it?  Roads? Population is estimated at 54,264.  That spending […]

Fascinating Stuff!

By:  Diane Benjamin I get delicious free water from a well.  You folks in town have to pay for it.  I bet you think your government priced that water according to what it cost them to bring it to your house.  You might even be okay if they added a little to the price to […]

Show this to Tari supporters!

By:  Diane Benjamin The budget Tari Renner inherited when he became mayor was $167 million.  (2014)  Page 3 2015 budget was $180.4 million  Page 3 This took 13.4 million out of the local economy 2016 budget was 186.3 million  Page 15 This took another 6.3 out of the local economy for a […]

Structural Deficits

By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington continues to hide the formerly transparent tax receipts.  That means they are either way above projections or dropping like a rock.  There is no way of knowing since transparency died.  Thank Alderman Hauman for suggesting the City Manager’s Report doesn’t need to be done.  I agree printing it […]

Budget: Problems Identified

By:  Diane Benjamin What did Bloomington citizens tell their elected officials?  Fix the roads and no spending public money on a downtown hotel.  The Mayor and Council heard the same mantra over and over, but did they listen?  Obviously not. Stay with me here . . . I get the same emails from ICMA – International […]

Priority Driven What?

by:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the Bloomington City Council heard a presentation on a new way to create budgets.  It started with a professor from the government division at Illinois Institute of Technology.  He didn’t say it, but he thinks cities are stupid and incapable of doing the right things.  In Bloomington’s case he may […]

Why City projects must continually be re-done

by:  Diane Benjamin I’m noticing a pattern.  The same roads must be resurfaced frequently.  A 7-year-old parking garage is falling apart.  The west side fire station, that has never been used, leaks. The pattern is showing itself again at tonight’s Council meeting.  Work needs to be done at Evergreen Lake.  Only 1 bid was received. […]