Why City projects must continually be re-done

by:  Diane Benjamin

I’m noticing a pattern.  The same roads must be resurfaced frequently.  A 7-year-old parking garage is falling apart.  The west side fire station, that has never been used, leaks.

The pattern is showing itself again at tonight’s Council meeting.  Work needs to be done at Evergreen Lake.  Only 1 bid was received.  It’s $335,457 more than what was budgeted.  The Council will vote to reject the bid.  The project will be put out for bid again, the contractor’s will come back at a lower price by cutting quality, and a few years from now the work will need to be re-done.

The exact same scenario played out with the un-used west side fire station that now leaks. http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-11707924.html

The same also played out with the Coliseum and parking garage. According to this article, bids came in higher and lower than expected, but Tom Hamilton (former City Manager) said cost could be lower after they meet with contractors.  Why would costs be lower after meeting?  Is that why the parking garage didn’t get enough steel in the concrete?   Why would the Coliseum structure be any different when is was also constructed with the same precast concrete?  http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-11653708.html

Fiscal responsibility is what citizens expect of government.  The exact opposite of fiscal responsibility is buying the cheapest products possible that are predestined to fail.  It’s always cheaper in the long run to do the project right the first time.

Who was the engineer who estimated the project below?  He was only off $428,648!








One thought on “Why City projects must continually be re-done

  1. Proof positive why city council should avoid construction of new hotels and stadiums and things that they know so very little about. Once in, there is no turning back. Let the private sector build new as maintaining infrastructure is your charge city council. Not redefining the citizens pursuit of happiness as somebody else’s weird idea of a quality of life redo.


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