Renner’s man-crush on Koos

by:  Diane Benjamin

Did you ever wonder where Mayor Renner got the idea that Bloomington needed a Communications Manager?  Try Normal:

Name Title Email Phone
Fedden, Sandy Administrative Secretary (309) 454-9503
Heffernan, Sally Assistant City Manager (309) 454-9504
Peterson, Mark R. City Manager (309) 454-9777
Reece, Pamela Deputy City Manager (309) 454-9502
Wagner, Heather Communications Manager (309) 454-9595

Tiny Normal has a head propagandist.  Of course Bloomington needed one.  Anything Normal Mayor Chris Koos does, Renner is going to copy.

Renner’s love affair with all things Koos continues with spending downtown.  The Bloomington taxpayers were forced to fund a downtown lighting study for $74,670.  The results will be reported at tonight’s Council meeting.  For the low low price of $8.5 million, Downtown Bloomington can be on its way to becoming Uptown.  For another $250,000 one of the deserted buildings downtown can be purchased for demolition.  That will be extra of course.  The old Connect Transit building is being leased for over $5000 per month, it’s probably next.  Or maybe Renner will want to buy the Pantagraph building, they really want to unload it.

The taxpayers in Normal allowed Koos to spend $100,000,000 on Uptown.  Is that what you want Bloomington?  Are you taxed enough already or dying for more increases?

Fighting back isn’t that tough.

  1. Start by getting a Cities 92.9 Flamingo.
  2. Then email the Council:  Express support for the members of the Council who are looking out for you (Lower and Stearns)
  3. Finally attend a meeting and speak to the Council in person.

The potted plants need to hear outrage.  Right now they only hear talking points from Renner and Hales.

4 of the potted plants are up for elections next year.  If they hear enough complaints, they may bend to taxpayers.  Don’t be fooled though.  The change won’t be permanent.






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