Government or Privatize

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve never understood why so many locals think their garbage would never be picked up if it was privatized.  Most of those who don’t agree are transplants who came from towns where garbage was privatized.  Most are appalled they have to pay the government monopoly to get garbage picked up.  Competition always […]

Pics from TODAY

By:  Diane Benjamin I thought it would be fun this morning to see how long it took to find bulk garbage on the curb in Bloomington.  Remember, residents only get pickups twice a year now.  Instead of going near downtown (where I heard the garbage piles are everywhere) I went just a few blocks west […]

Bloomington Meeting Recap

By:  Diane Benjamin All you need to know about what happened at last nights extremely long Council meeting: Your gas tax is going to double to .08 per gallon because you want the roads fixed and they can’t find any money You will get an estimated $10 million aquatics center, no word whether it will […]

Garbage vrs Bulk Waste

By:  Diane Benjamin The first point citizens need to understand is this: The City made garbage and bulk waste an Enterprise Fund so they could say it has to pay for itself.  Since it doesn’t, prices have to be raised. The Coliseum is an Enterprise Fund, but it’s not required to pay for itself.  Why? […]