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By:  Diane Benjamin

I thought it would be fun this morning to see how long it took to find bulk garbage on the curb in Bloomington.  Remember, residents only get pickups twice a year now.  Instead of going near downtown (where I heard the garbage piles are everywhere) I went just a few blocks west of Veterans Parkway.

This dump site is awesome, I wonder who the City will ticket since this is on a corner where anybody could have left it:

This family must not get the paper or ever listen to local news. I wonder how much it weighs now completely drenched? The rain had just ended when I took the pic.  I wonder if the cushions blew away last night?


It only took 5 minutes to find these two.  The City needs a slogan, how about:

It used to be Free

 (as in: included in taxes you already paid)

Dump Town

Home of Irrelevant Media

Pay More – Get Less

Other ideas?

To anybody ticketed for bulk waste:  Make the City prove its your stuff.  Anybody could have dumped in your yard!

Heading east on Ireland Grove I ran into this:
TWO police cars directing traffic for a church that doesn’t pay property taxes.

I’m all for churches – more people of faith need to be aware of issues and get out and vote their beliefs!

Seriously, two officers directing traffic?  Traffic on Sunday morning isn’t that high.  Maybe the speed limit needs reduced from 40.  According to Facebook, the new Vale Church has two services on Saturday and three on Sunday.  I know I have readers who attend, how many services need police?  Is Bloomington reimbursed?  Is this a temporary situation?

With two murders last night and two others shot, the police have better things to do.

The soccer complex is right down the road.  They occasionally hold huge events.  I’ve never seen more the one police car directing traffic there.  Same road, but the speed limit is higher.

The question isn’t why two squad cars, why even one?







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  1. Nooo! Don’t recommend reducing speed limit on Ireland Grove rd! Those cops aren’t needed as there’s next to no traffic there Sundays. Maybe those cops are church members?

  2. Look for this to happen too.
    Home owner puts stuff on curb, calls city to report that someone (else) left a couch in front of their house last night while they were sleeping. Or, we was gone for a couple of days and came home to all this stuff on the curb in front of our house. * Moral of the story, Even though we’ve all got matching garbage cans, Bloomington not going to win any beautification awards for a while.

    1. Mean while the WaPo and NY TImes reports an epidemic of garbage being left in front of random homes across America. Pelosi and Shumer are now sponsoring legislation to microstamp all consumer items with the central governing authority and ordering registration of said items and for the first time initializing COID cards (Consumer Owner Identification cards) to track all purchases and transfers of said items. Failure to comply may result in $10,000 fine per occurence and life imprisionment for repeat offenders.

      1. Sounds about right I’m sure one of them is scheming this or something very similar – they actually considered trying to tax people by the miles driven in UK but that didn’t pan out too well and it was nixed – the congestion charges will just have to appease them I guess (for now anyway).

      2. Stanky, please cite your source for this COID card. I did a Google search and got nothing, and checked Snopes and got nothing….. FAKE news??

  3. Typically if churches want police to assist with traffic, they pay. Eastview does not have police directing traffic.

  4. We can expect more homicides as our economy swirls down the drain… I love the picture in the Pantagraph of the officers at the crime scene….. you can’t miss the garbage and the retired toilet sitting on the side of the road… too funny! Yes now you can fall into a pile of garbage after some criminal shoots you… What was a nice little town has been turned into Dump Town USA… a little up and coming Detroit on the Prairie. Thanks Mayor Tari and Mayor Koos… good job boys!

      1. Yes – Detroit is a lost cause…I had at the beginning of the year business dealings with a startup in Detroit… they are really struggling there. They have tremendous infrastructure and crime issues that just keeps startups from considering locating there. We are headed for the same thing here. The elites and the crony capitalist system have prevented and discouraged startups and new businesses from locating here. The opportunities existed 5 years ago – but our idiot business and city leadership knew what was best. Now we have nothing… good job boys…and yes I mean boys…

    1. Don’t forget Judy Markowitz for invitinging the Chicago problem down and opening up a bunch more Section 8 housing.

    2. Larry, if you’re so down on BloNo and think it’s going down the drain, and if you’re not going to do anything to help and if you’re going to continue to complain using a keyboard, get out. Do us all a favor and pack up and leave town, please.

      1. Just a reminder that Rich thinks Diane and all of us want Hales to get cancer.
        Gaslighting that is as sinister and as over the top as it gets: See his own words below:

        Rich says:
        June 1, 2018 at 10:10 am
        Man…you and your commenters are mean. Maybe he’ll get cancer, too.

        1. Thanks mudd – is all of this from these guys not typical for Democrats afflicted with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” – Let’s see how they handle the peace deal with North Korea and Trump finally dealing with our G7 buddies robbing the United States with unfair trade practices? Yes while Trump truly is making America great again… these people think they see Hitler rounding up liberals for concentration camps. Perhaps someday they will find a cure for “Trump Derangement Syndrome”? For now we must just humor them and keep them from hurting themselves.

      2. Oh, Larry. Those are separate sentences. I’m just speculating, like this blog. Is this like Survivor? Am I going to get kicked off the island? LOL. Are my comments and observations just too much for you conservative snowflakes? And Diane, it’s convenient to never ask a question and simply speculate. But think of all of the opportunities you’re missing to catch these government miscreants in lie after lie.

          1. I encourage everyone to not read or respond to Rich – Accusing you Diane and us of wanting Hales or anyone to get cancer is almost as low as you can go. Saying that we are so mean (wanting the truth) that we would wish cancer on Hales? That is some pretty depraved and aberrant thinking.

            1. If I quit approving his comments he will just change his name again and keep trying. He obviously knows he is wrong or he wouldn’t be here attempting to prove his indefensible agenda without any facts.

              1. I understand…. We have cognitive dissonance at play here and everywhere across the country now. We have millions of people who have been brainwashed into believing that things that are designed to hurt them and our country are things that should be supported. Good is bad and bad is good. Turn on CNN to see the alternative universe that the corporate media and deep state want people to believe exists.

  5. If the Vale Church is like the St. Patrick Church on Rte 9, they would have had to pay the city a fee for doing this. It is not a free service provided to the church.

    When you think about, it’s actually pretty responsible for the church to arrange for this since individuals aren’t allowed on the street to do this.

    1. Someone should tell Eastview that. Unfortunately they try to control traffic around the area but do nothing to encourage their members not to speed. Some of the most reckless drivers I see are the ones speeding to and from Eastview; it’s easy to see where they go because of the sticker on their car and then heading into or out of the Eastview parking lot.

  6. What in the world is going on in our community? Shooting after shooting, this used to be a quiet bedroom community we are now becoming a mini Chicago. Now I know what the person that bought my house meant when they bought my house because they were tired of the gunfire in the area where those unfortunate individuals were just murdered. If I did not have ties to this area I would leave in a heartbeat. I wonder if our community leaders are proud of what our community has turned into. Instead of marching in a gay pride parade they can come back here and march in these communities where violence has become the norm. How sad!!!!

    1. Over 90% of shootings nationwide are between people who know each other. And gang members know each other…..

      1. Tell us all what that has to do with the fact that our former Mayor polluted our nice little town by bringing in low IQ and uneducated Cabrini Green hood rats who couldn’t keep mattress testing jobs? Ok they shoot each other… and sometimes they shoot other people… They are here because our elites (who don’t have to live with them) thought it was a good idea. FYI – they also do things like robbing people and raping women which is usually not confined to people they know.

  7. I wonder this and I wonder that.. Jeez…so many questions about whether the cops could or should provide traffic services for churches, but no answers. Pick up the phone and get some answers. Or better yet, stay out of Bloomington and take some pictures around the rural Ellsworth area. I mean, Bloomington is hell-hole if you believe what you and your commentators write. Why even venture into the city.

    1. Just a reminder that Rich thinks Diane and all of us want Hales to get cancer.
      Gaslighting that is as sinister and as over the top as it gets: See his own words below:

      Rich says:
      June 1, 2018 at 10:10 am
      Man…you and your commenters are mean. Maybe he’ll get cancer, too.

      1. Oh, Larry. Those are separate sentences. I’m just speculating, like this blog. Do I think you and others here are mean? Yes.

  8. LOL, @ Yamah2004 says: June 10, 2018 at 10:25 pm
    Obviously old stanky was just beig sarcastic! But it’s a fine example of how Pelosi, Shumer, and democrats in legislature react.

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