Carlock: So who is going to watchdog?

By:  Diane Benjamin I could post many stories of government officials arrested for misuse of a credit card.  Once it’s in their pocket they “accidently” use to to fill their car with gas.  Charges for food appear because they are discussing city business with a friend.  Trips that suddenly wouldn’t have been taken without being […]

Carlock Mayor responds

By:  Diane Benjamin Instead of approving the acting Mayor’s comment, I decided it needs it’s own story: The Illinois Department of Labor is immaterial when giving away taxpayers dollars.  Where in the law does it say you CAN give away taxpayer dollars?  If your employees are underpaid, why didn’t you give them $1000 each?  Why […]

Carlock: Illegal employee Christmas?

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois Constitution – Article VIII What “public purpose” do Christmas bonuses serve?  Will the employees leave if they don’t get one?  Do the bonuses effect who the employees vote for?   From the Carlock November minutes:  Carlock November minutes Carlock only has part-time employees.  Received by FOIA: Also received by FOIA: Just because […]

Carlock: Value your property values?

by:  Diane Benjamin Do you know where the money goes Carlock gets from the wind turbines?  Evidently not too many people do.  Maybe you should ask! Was your new maintenance building constructed without permits or bidding?  I hear it was at least $200,000.  I hear the EPA isn’t happy about the water and sewer there. […]