Carlock: So who is going to watchdog?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I could post many stories of government officials arrested for misuse of a credit card.  Once it’s in their pocket they “accidently” use to to fill their car with gas.  Charges for food appear because they are discussing city business with a friend.  Trips that suddenly wouldn’t have been taken without being able to “charge” it are suddenly mandatory.

Of course the minutes don’t exist yet, but Tuesday night on the agenda was getting credit cards for Trustees/Staff:

carlock agenda

If citizens in Carlock aren’t looking at the credit card statements I guarantee there will be “accidental” misuse.  Trustees have no reason for a credit card, but they sure can create one.

So, who is going to keep track of the charges?

If citizens don’t “trust but verify” eventually you will have no reason to trust.

5 thoughts on “Carlock: So who is going to watchdog?

  1. While I served on that board the only questions that got asked about the bills came from me and one other board member. We caught several mistakes or overpayments. At that time the board voted to take spending limits down to $0 leaving the Mayor with a $500 limit. Never in my life did I see so much toilet paper and batteries bought. Carlock has never shown its citizens the bills there paying, but then again there’s rarely anyone who attends meetings. It’s very sad. The old saying you can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink applies here.

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  2. I’m so glad that others are attending our board meetings to keep up on our village business, oh wait, you aren’t attending. How can you report something you know nothing about? Were you at the board meeting? Do you know what was discussed about said credit cards? Seems to me you could find some real news to report on or at least do your homework and give an accurate report. I don’t have anything against you but you seem to be bent in smearing the village name so many of us call home. That does not sit well with me. Someone is trying to cause problems and needs to find a better hobby. Just sayin 😉


    1. Amen👆🏻👆🏻🙌🏻. The writer of this obviously isn’t intelligent and doesn’t know what they are talking about . Feel free to run for the board and help improve things you don’t like. Anonymously posting these articles isn’t helping anything .


  3. Far as I can tell Diane and I are the only ones to use our real name. I always attach my name to any comments I make because I stand beside everything I write .

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