Jim Karch was demoted

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Total Compensation report for 2019 isn’t posted yet, so the only salary available is from 2018:  https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21565

Karch salary 2018

2019 was more than likely higher.

Karch now has a new job as Special Projects Manager.  How much is he getting paid now?


Karch new job

The rumor is this job is merely a placeholder position until he can find another job.  Every company does that, right?

Maybe the job was just too stressful and he wanted less responsibility.  Only time will produce the truth, or Jim could say what’s really going on.

This guy is taking Karch’s place:  https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=23779


  Other recent hires:


jergen council



Click on the links.

The Total Compensation numbers will shock you.







13 thoughts on “Jim Karch was demoted

  1. Jim being a decent guy probably finally got sick of the bovine excrement and it was decided that he wasn’t the right fit.


  2. What a shame. Unfortunately Jim is not a fit with the agenda at city hall.

    He takes a more business minded approach to running the city which is not received well by the current city manager and mayor.

    Attempts by Jim to do such things as look at outsourcing the garbage service put him on the wrong side of the issues with city management and of course the unions.

    We would all be better off if he was promoted to city manager rather than being shuffled off to time-out.


  3. “New positions” are frequently created for managers who are coming close to retirement so they can still get their full pension. Jim got a pay raise so I’m sure he’s happy.


  4. I’ve been a personal friend of Jim’s for nearly 30 years. He was in my wedding. He is truly one of the good guys. Completely ethical. Moral. And is always focused on doing what’s right. City Hall is a sewer, thick with stinking, floating lumps of corruption, decay, ego, and mental illness. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

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      1. Hi Pack Fan. If “not 1” person, “not 1” liked him at the city, then he’s doing something right. The job is not about being liked by public servants. The job is about being responsible with taxpayer dollars. And leave religion out of it.


  5. The salaries of these people is obscene, unacceptable, and excessive. This is where political activists are employed and paid. How much work do they really do? They would never make this much in the private sector, let alone to have the skills to get a job in the private sector.


  6. We’ve known Jim for over 20 years. He is an ethical and moral man. This flies in the face of this government’s operations. He wants to do the right thing but is hindered by opposing ideas.


  7. Okay, I weigh in on this one. Yes, there are many bloated municipal salaries in both towns. That said, for the training, knowledge and education a civil engineer is required to have, these salaries are in line. It’s the retirement packages that need to be seriously readjusted. As to the current soap opera in the COB Engineering Department it can usually be traced to the City Manager in charge. This is not the first time the deck chairs have been rearranged because of personality conflicts and petty politics. Bloomington and Normal have by and large had competent people in these positions nor is it the first act in both towns. When this stuff goes down, it can be traced to the CM who cries to the mayor that they “want their own people”. The mayor, usually being the one most out to lunch, gives in because he or she is the one that pushed the current CM in the first place. I know there is probably more to this but you get the point. I remember council members in Heyworth blowing a big e.d. deal because two council members were jealous that the mayor was going to get the credit for bringing the project in. You live in an area where presumed adults regularly act like children.

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