Is Normal hiding TIF data?

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m always suspicious when an article appears in the paper praising something when the data to back up the claims is unavailable. It happened again October 26th with this story in the Pantagraph:  Normal TIF Districts Paying Dividends One has to wonder where the story came from.  Did somebody at the Town call […]

Rivian: Did Normal and the media miss this?

By:  Diane Benjamin Start here with a tweet from a local Pantagraph reporter: I wonder if Derek knows this, if he does he has kept it a secret! Rivian likes to hire FOREIGN labor! Americans must not know a thing about building non-conventional cars! I wonder if that agreement Normal signed says Rivian MUST hire […]

#2 UPDATE: What meeting was the Pantagraph at?

The sound system at this meeting was NOT the new system.  I heard at the meeting it was, that information was false.  The new system should be installed in the next 10days to 2 weeks. _______________________________ A reader commented that the Pantagraph “corrected” the story in today’s paper.  Unless another story is done and posted […]