#2 UPDATE: What meeting was the Pantagraph at?

The sound system at this meeting was NOT the new system.  I heard at the meeting it was, that information was false.  The new system should be installed in the next 10days to 2 weeks.


A reader commented that the Pantagraph “corrected” the story in today’s paper.  Unless another story is done and posted on their website, far more people saw the reporters errors than will ever see the correction.

Epic Fail!

No surprise though.


I added this yesterday:

The story has been read twice by two different Lee Enterprises locations.  Since the story has not been corrected, they don’t care about the truth any more than the Bloomington location.  No, a “Setting it Right” blurb isn’t acceptable.
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By:  Diane Benjamin

I attending and spoke at the wind energy meeting last night held by the County’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

Pantagraph employee Derek Beigh must have attended a different meeting.  Facts matter, and he BLEW the story in today’s paper.

The County had their new sound system installed – it still has a LOT of bugs that need worked out.  Maybe Derek couldn’t hear what I said.  Maybe he made up his own facts.

He claims I mentioned a farm that lost state aid because of increased property values.  Dude – since when do farmers get State aid based on property values?

What I said was Prairie Central Schools did not support a new wind farm in Livingston County because eventually it would COST them money as State aid  decreased.  See this link:  http://www.pcwindfarm.org/prairie-central-funding/

Derek also claims I said something about not allowing taller turbines than those on other local farms.  He left out that I questioned Andrew Downey who claimed his 5 turbines allow him to keep his farm.  I asked how tall his were – he said 300 feet.  I mentioned the proposal is for ones nearly twice as big!  Derek also left out that Downey was or is an employee of a wind farm company as stated by Julie Cotter.  Since Derek included her comments in his story, he was there when she said it.

Obviously facts don’t matter to Derek Beigh.  If he is still employed by the Pantagraph tomorrow, facts don’t matter to them either.

If you get news from the Pantagraph, question everything they print!

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  1. Jumers is something like 18 million behind {I think} in taxes and fees. Why does the city keep these guys open? 18 million is a lot of money. They will never dig themselves out of that hole

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